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Trojan Horse - If only it was so easy to fool people that your not up to anything!

Trojan Horse – If only it was so easy to fool people that your not up to anything!

This evening I am working on my plan for maximum Thursday morning workout mojo.  I have a trainer that kicks my butt Tuesday and Thursday morning and Thursday is always a little tougher because I am often already beaten up from Tuesday.  So there is that feeling when you first see him of hell I already gave all I got for this week.  Its’ particularly tough if he is waiting for me on the stairs (stair climbing anyone) or has the big mattress out in the gym (exercises while unstable are frustrating).

On Tuesday I mocked my trainer and told him the weights were too light and then asked for extra exercises at the end.  I barely stumbled out of that workout.  My legs were jello.  I was sure I was really going to suffer for that workout but the muscle pain hasn’t been bad at all.  I did something I don’t normally do and put ice on my knees after that workout.  Gee maybe this ice thing works!  I think I better do a study on this over the next few weeks.  Wouldn’t that suck if the cure to my aches and pains was the ice everybody has been telling me to use all this time.

Anyway I have washed my favourite tights and am packed up for the gym.  I like to Zen out and enjoy the peace on my way into the gym but once I get there I have about 20 minutes to get ready.  That means I can do some stretches and listen to some inspiring music which should always end with Metallica – Enter Sandman, so that I tap into my inner warrior.  The key at this point is to not unleash all your power on the first exercise or you will be stumbling around like a drunk in no time.  Play it cool, chit chat, get your form correct and at about the 15 minute mark start letting the warrior attitude out.  Test if you can do the exercises better or slower.  The end of the workout is the best because then I like to do a little extra.  Do a spot check and see what parts have still got some zip left and then let the trainer know.  I love having the ability to choose to do more.  Partially it is about my need to have control and partially I find it much easier to do an exercise when it is the last exercise.  I do let the trainer choose the exercise ‘cause I think maybe he has a plan for me?

So do a push up then put my left foot ... Uh NO!

So do a push up then put my left foot … Uh NO!

I know, you’re wondering why all the mumbo jumbo just to get through a workout.  Either you can do an exercise or you can’t.  Here is the thing.  For me working out with my trainer is very much a mental exercise.  My body can do a lot of amazing things, but if I get anxious or start having negative thoughts the workout can go bad pretty fast and it can be tough to get back on track.  My plan is designed to keep me on track.  That being said if I am finished and I am not happy with my performance I usually add a walk or a swim to my day.

Gee after all this build up I sure hope my trainer hasn’t been spending a similar amount of time figuring out how to make me cry uncle!  Well in my case I usually give him the look and tell him he has lost his mind if he thinks I’m going to ….



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  1. So how did things go this morning. I need to re-read the slow down part of this article. I was concentrating a little too hard on getting my reps done fast ’cause they are hard and I started to hyper-ventilate then I couldn’t seem to come up with a plan to get out of trouble. Had I slowed down I would not have had a problem to begin with. It is just slow is so slow!

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