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The Scream

Today I received a junk email called Women over 40 Rules!  I went ballistic. There was a lot of F***U.  I trashed the email unread right away.  I have just heard about my limit of ten ways I’m not cutting it and Bleep, Bleep, Bleep Emergency Bikini season, the world will end.  Now, I have rules for women over 40.  Well I’m over 50 so … What is the sound you make when you stick out your tongue and do a raspberry? UGH!

Who the hell thinks they have the right to make up rules like this?  Stop making up rules and start living your own life!  Yeah I know they are just trying to sell something.  Wrinkle cream or plastic surgery or whatever.  The sad thing is I used to read these sort of articles for many years because they were going to tell me how to become beautiful and how to be better.  I was just one trick away from getting there I was sure.  After a while I was all “Yep read this article before I’m pretty sure” and “heard it, heard it, heard it already” nothing new.  For the most part I stopped looking and listening to the messages but, every so often I have stupid commercial and dumb ad overload.

My pet peeve right now is a commercial for women’s razor’s I don’t know which company but, one of the lines is “Women just know how to buy shoes”.  I tried to find the commercial online but all I found was a controversy about women using cheaper men’s razors which Gillette feels will ‘cause damage to their legs.

Anyway, I started to get curious about “The Rules” so I dug the email out of my trash, because this could make a good blog post as I trash each rule.

Ahh!  It’s Women over 40 RULE!! Oops, YES THEY DO!  In my defense they were selling hair colour!

Yep!  You should see her when she loses her keys.  EPIC!

Yep! You should see her when she loses her keys. EPIC!


Women Over 40 — 6 Comments

  1. I think one of the best things about middle age is the increasing ability to say “F–k You” to all these stupid Madison Avenue directives to lose weight, dress a certain way, etc. It’s even worth having to pluck a few chin hairs or endure a few hot flashes to get to the “I dont’ give a crap” stage.

    But too funny that the “Over 40 rules” were a false alarm!

    • I don’t think I’m quite into full middle age where you can comfortably wear that pink velour track suit everywhere and not give a damn. I mean I’ve owned one for years and it is the most comfortable thing ever invented, but it hasn’t been outside yet.

  2. Good morning from Monument Valley Utah,
    Well Cindy you have come upon the true rule for Women over 40.
    That is that it is time to think for yourself, say what is true but not cruel and and dare to want whatever you want no matter how audacious it seems to you and no matter what others may think, And oh yes, it is time to develop the gentle art of being able to thank others for their opinion and then tell them to pipe down.


    • What you were bored with the scenery! Joyce, I say this for your own good, disconnect!!!
      Come to Monument Valley! Now with WiFi!!!!

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