When is a Calorie not a Calorie?

Almonds SOooo Yummy!!

When is a Calorie not a Calorie? When you use the Atwater general factor system to determine how many calories are in a food product.  This is the most common method of determining calories.  Scientists at the USDA theorized that this method of measurement might not be representative for certain food groups such as nuts.

So how is Atwater factor flawed?  Well it ignores the fact that some of the calories in a food may pass through a human as waste.  DOH!!

When 36 adults were fed a controlled diet with half of the group eating 3 different dosages of almonds and half eating no almonds researchers found that the almond eater’s waste contained higher levels of fat.  A portion of the almonds calories passed through the body.

So a ¼ cup of almonds isn’t 206 calories it is 165 calories.

Makes one wonder about the caloric value of Mexican food (Sorry! Mexican food and I just don’t get along).

Here is a link to the study (Click Here)


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