This is what I look like when I use the VIPR only cuter!  No resembelance to a stumbling drunk at all!Picture from

This is what I look like when I use the VIPR only cuter! No resembelance to a stumbling drunk at all!
Picture from

So I told the trainer that I really like working with the VIPR on Tuesday.  Yep, It’s VIPR not Viper.  I found that out when I was looking for a picture of it.  That’s right folks I am so bad-ass I spin a sports car over my head when I work out.  I’m not going to describe the VIPR just look at the picture.  I’m tired of telling people it’s like a foam bazooka with different weights.  They just stare at me.  Anyway the result was that we worked out with the VIPR Thursday and so did everybody that had him after me … Hmmm.  I may be in trouble with more people than just Rusty.  She was not thrilled to find out she was getting the VIPR after me.  We had a verbal dual about who was abusing Advil the most this morning.

What’s great about the VIPR is that once you understand how to do an exercise with it you can really take out your aggressions and pretend you are a ninja.  If you have ever had a sword fight with an 8 year old using one of those swimming noodles you know the feeling.  Oooh, that would be a great group fitness thing.  Beat the heck out of each other with noodles.  Lunge, Swat, Lunge, Swat, Stab!Lets-Talk-Girl

Of course my trainer has to suck all the joy out of it by making me flip it on the floor end to end while doing a sideways stepping squat.  It’s pretty much the hobgoblin dance while pushing a stone!  UGH!  Anyway eventually I got to pretend I was hitting things and that is what makes me really happy!  He also let me do the driving the bus then shoveling snow and finally cheerleader look at me and twist moves.  That was OK as long as I can imagine I am not in a gym sweating and huffing away exercising!  Don’t worry I make up the names.  He’s a professional so he knows the real names.  I don’t listen!

Karma came back and bit me in the butt when I went to get dressed.  That’s what I get for not thinking about my friends when I ask for a particular workout.  I have lost weight lately so all my clothes should be looking good and comfortable on me.  My top was too tight!  What!!!  Must be my massive swollen muscles taking up all the room!


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