This Fat Chick is Swimming!

Under water photo of an upside down rubber duck floating in a pool will a shocked brown haired girl under water looking at the duck.

Yep this is what happens when your a Fat Chick with a fine floating fanny!

You would think that swimming is perfect for a Fat Chick since we float and you would be right but as somebody that has been a swimmer all her life it is disconcerting and well annoying that this butt floats too much!  I can’t get in the right position for breast stroke and as a former synchronized swimmer well this butt needs a keel to keep me from tipping over whenever I try to show off my cool moves!

There is little doubt that swimming of one sort or another is the perfect sport for the injured, unfit, the heavy and accident prone.  It’s just a lot harder to hurt yourself in the water and the water provides a lot of support for your body.  If you are just starting out then a beginner aqua fit class is the place to start.  If you are on your own or at a lake you can get a good workout with just a noodle.

What do you need to know before you hit the water?

First things first the make it or break it bathing suit.  If you are really feeling anxious about the suit you may want to get a cover up that you can wear into the pool or lake area.  Then you don’t have to strut around as long in an outfit you may not feel your best in.  I guarantee within a month you will abandon the cover up but if it gets you through the first month, why not.  I have already written here about the perfect bathing suit ( the perfect bathing suit is not in stock right now.  Too popular)

Cartoon of man wearing a striped inner tube doing a cannon ball into the pool


The next concern is the water quality.  If this is a lake you may be able to get a report on the lake.  Any beaches in a metropolitan area will have their water tested often on a daily basis.  Usually if you do a computer search on the metropolitan area or beach name and beach water quality you will find out if it is safe for swimming.  In the case of pools you may have to do some research to find out if a pool has been reported for problems in the past.  I was shocked to read recently that the chlorine smell that we all associate with a pool that may have too much chemical may actually mean the pool has a problem.  The smell is actually a result of chlorine reacting with ammonia in the pool creating chloramines which is the source of the smell.  So if you smell chlorine then people have been peeing in the pool (Yeah, Yeah it could be sweat and sunscreen and whatever, and its urine).  Otherwise there should be no smell.  Uhm well isn’t that great!  Seems a smelly pool will generally pass a chemical test as well.  I gather it is safe to swim but you are more likely to come away will irritated eyes and skin and breathing for people with problems is going to be more of an issue.

Here I am trying to convince people to come swimming.  How am I doing so far?

Looks like this article is going to be another two part one.  I still have plenty more to say, but don’t wait for me get in that water!


This Fat Chick is Swimming! — 4 Comments

  1. Swimming was the way I lost 100 lbs, I changed my lifestyle, my diet and committed to swimming every morning, every day, At the beginning I could only do 15 minutes, built it up to 2 hours of swimming every morning. Swimming today is still part of my daily routine I have now introduced other exercises to round out my fitness (i.e.. running, biking, strength training, rowing, balance ball). I agree with Cindy, swimming should be a starting point if you want to start a fitness program

  2. As I like to say: fitness is journey, not a destination. And you are doing great, Cindy. Many overweight people are too intimidated by the thought of swimming, yet it provides such a great whole body workout and burns a lot of calories.

  3. Since I made a commitment to swim everyday and have been doing that for just over 2 weeks now, I noticed a significant weight loss which has spurred me to carry on despite the fact it can be pretty daunting stepping into that pool at 5.30 am each day. I lost 10.2 lbs which was a surprise and a bonus, thanks going to Haava and Cindy for warming up the pool ahead of me getting there.

    • Way to go Therese, just think for a minute, counting up all the weight lost in that pool between you, Cindy and me, that pool has at least 210.2 pounds of our lost fat floating around in there, just keep on swimming and adding to that total

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