This Egg’s Mama was a Drug Addict!

How’s My Colour?

Ok folks it’s time for me to ruin your favourite meal again.  You may remember I brought you Chicken Feces Soup some weeks ago.  I know I am proud that I have made a trip to the grocery store a bit of an ordeal for some.  As long as I am changing lives.  For the better or worse, embrace the change!

This time we are going to talk about eggs, but not to worry this one is really not so bad.  Those eggs come right out of a healthy living breathing hen and off to the supermarket.  You can’t really mess that up too bad.  Everybody knows a stressed, unhappy or unhealthy chicken will not lay eggs.  Oh unless she is drugged up on anti-biotics and hormones.

A study out of Johns Hopkins University and Arizona State University found that “poultry on factory farms are routinely fed caffeine, active ingredients of Tylenol and Benadryl, banned antibiotics and even arsenic”.  They found this out by accident.  They were testing chicken feathers since feathers accumulate toxins for anti-biotics levels but assays for other chemicals and pharmaceuticals didn’t cost extra so they ordered that data as well.

It has been known for some time that arsenic was typically fed to chickens because it reduces infections and there is some indication it results in a more yellow yoke and brown shell.  These are attributes people associate with a healthy egg.

If eggs are exposed to fecal matter pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella can contaminate the egg.  The statistics on how often that happens varies obviously depending on the producer.  The USDA in 2002 put the risk at 1 in 30,000 eggs.  In order to mitigate contamination eggs are washed with a sanitizing agent, usually that agent is bleach.  Yeah!

If we looked like cute kittens and puppys would these living conditions be acceptable?

OK then, I’m not finished yet.  In battery farms chickens can be stressed and hens die and may remain in cages with live hens for some time.  These factory farms are pretty hellish by my standards.  There are just too many chickens to keep on top of things and I don’t believe it is right to crowd several birds into one small cage living in their own filth for the remainder of their miserable lives.

So Organic free ranges eggs it is for me as often as I can get them.  Oh there is that dioxin incident with free range chickens in Germany! Hmmm!

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