This and That Moanday!

UpdateHi Guys!

So I just want to say sorry I disappeared again for a while.  I was busy and tired.  We had our big industry convention last week.  All I can say about that is that standing still for 3 hours working the company trade show booth can cripple you.  I would much rather walk 6 hours than that.  I do like gabbing at people.  It is funny because it always surprises my co-workers.  I work with a computer all day with my office door closed.  I think my co-workers assume I have a shy retiring personality as a result.  When I go to the trade show I am waving at people and saying “Hey!  You look lost.  Can I help!”.  The co-workers are always shocked.  The truth is that I am shy and retiring but, I do know how to act the part of booth babe.  I do a pretty good class clown and if I must I can fake intellectual acuity as well.

I have also been working on a hostile take-over of another company.  They have now brought in a white knight but I’m pretty certain we will have our way in the end.  Sounds evil I know but our company is by far the best situation for their employees and shareholders in my opinion.Busy-Busy

Anyway I’m afraid to weigh myself.  I’ll have to do that tomorrow.  My hours, food and exercise have been all over the place.  I had chronic problems with getting myself dehydrated because I would forget to carry water with me.

Well Fresh Start Number ???

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