The Call of the Recliner

For the past six months I have been involved in dysfunctional relationship … with a Lazy Boy recliner.  Much of the day is spent thinking about my recliner and the comfort it will offer me once I get home.  Pure bliss!!

When I get home it is “Out of the way cat!”  … bathroom … toss the work clothes and flop into the big warm embrace of my recliner.  Once I am in, it is like the pull of quicksand, I am not getting out.  All around my chair I have a large collection of every possible item I might need so that I will not have to go through the agony of leaving my chair.

Just recently I realized the chair was interfering with my ability to get my chores done and get in a little extra exercise.  I tried to pass the chair off on my brother, but he wasn’t fooled, he knew there had to be a downside to the deal and he rejected the chair.  My heart wasn’t really committed to the idea of breaking up yet so that was OK.

I have since investigated possible seated exercise routines.  They are pretty much guaranteed to destroy the chair.  That’s OK I bought the extended warrantee and it gets me a replacement chair should anything happen.

Please have a look at the possibilities for seated exercise.  Don’t laugh!  Some of these could be good for anybody recovering from an injury (Me!) or who has limited mobility (Uh, Me!) or who wants to multitask and watch the Say Yes to the Dress marathon (Mmm Me?).

Chair Dancing – Its not lap dancing or grinding on a chair like Britney Spears (get your mind out of the gutter!)

The Nine-Inning Recliner Workout: if you can’t take the man out of the chair, take the workout to the man

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The Call of the Recliner — 10 Comments

  1. Lot’s of resources for exercising while in the seated position:
    1- How to Exercise While Sitting at Your Computer –
    2 – How to Exercise Abs While Sitting –
    3 – Exercising While Sitting Down –
    4 – 10 Ways to Exercise While Watching TV –
    5 – The Resistance Chair –

  2. I love your “Call of the Recliner” it is actually a profound article. Over many years I have listened to very out of shapee people define vegging in front of TV or reclining in what ever contraption as “taking care of myself”. Actually as you so rightly point out, it is a dysfunctional relationship. Not to the charir but to really caring for their needs.
    You rock Cindy. Keep the blogs coming.

  3. Thanks Joyce!!
    I think Its time for me to figure out what to do with the recliner and the sofa. I need them but not as my home for the entire evening.

  4. Best part of the video: “let’s get ready to hip-hop”. Yes, please. I think Janet Jackson had a chair dance routine in Miss You Much. Check it out.

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