The Bountiful Bathing Beauty

Cindy wearing a slightly different Junonia swimsuit

For many years there was one rule that could not be broken.  Nobody is seeing me in a bathing suit ever!  Well when I joined the gym 5 years ago at 446 Lbs there was not a lot of exercises or machines I could work out on.  There was certainly no getting down on the floor for some crunches because there was no guarantee I would be able to get back up.  It only made sense that the pool was the place I belonged.  My first few months I wore a regular one piece bathing suit with bike shorts underneath and a bra.  The bike shorts and even the bathing suit didn’t hold up too well to swimming and soaking in the spa every day.  I probably looked more conspicuos with my extra layers than if I had just dressed in a regular swimsuit.

The extra pounds really hated all that activity so I kept it up.  I soon gave up on modesty and became the Naked Fat Chick in the hot tub.  My signature move is the tsunami (Rusty’s favorite)!

I soon found the perfect bathing suit at Junonia and I have been wearing this style of bathing suit ever since.  I even wear it with tights to workout with my trainer.  The man has me looking at the world upside down so often that I got tired of my top flipping over my head.  Now I can finish up with him and go straight to the pool for Aquafit with minimal fuss.




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