The April Fool!

April FoolI really need this winter thing to be over. I know other people have said it but I am just putting the exclamation point on that sentence. I am feeling a little lost right now as The MEGA MEGA Mega-thon thon thon is over and Havva “The Canadian Goddess” won the rowing race. Diane “The Pink Wonder Woman” raised the most money so they both received plastic trophies although I noticed Diane’s looked a little busted. They will punish me if I don’t mention that they raised over $11,000. I participated in the Mega-CycleFit and the Mega-AquaFit and now I have Mega- sore joints. Well truthfully just my right butt cheek hurts today. I must limp or something because I always get a pain there when I do too much.Trick Cartoon1

Anyway, Now What? Poooooof! I am thinking I should weigh myself every 6 months on an important date so I have decided on April Fool’s the most unappreciated yet important day of the year commemorating all the fools and Darwin award winners out there who make us all feel better about ourselves. I don’t care about playing jokes on people for one day (The pictures are just some suggestions for people who do like the pranks). This day should be about the knuckleheads in your life. This started being about me weighing myself finally and suddenly it’s a rallying cry for nincompoops to be properly appreciated!Trick Cartoon 2  Hmm.  How to be properly appreciative when I receive accolades for making people feel good about themselves?

So what am I going to do to make sure that weigh in is a good one. Hmm if I want numbers on the scale I am going to have to make a further food commitment. Ohh! No more fattening bran muffins. Boo! Before you point out that I can bake my own healthy bran muffins. Let us just establish that that is very unlikely and if I baked a dozen I would eat a dozen. I didn’t used to eat the fattening store bought bran muffins and I don’t need the muffins. The second thing I need to do is get back to walking to work. Which means I will need my long johns ‘cause it is cold out there. Eh! shouldn’t be too many people on the sidewalk this way.

Winter go away! I want to walk to work in my shorts!


The April Fool! — 11 Comments

  1. I’m betting on good results on April 1 Work hard on the eating thing until then I’ll try and do likewise no eating out no Tim Horton cruel lees, no Chinese food lunches etc We can do it mega mega mega us!!!

    • Day one I did not eat my usual muffin but I forgot to walk to work so I will have to walk back to the gym after work and maybe soak in the hot tub.

  2. Wow – they raised a lot of money – that is awesome!!
    Are you still swimming?
    It is cold to be out there walking – especially for a wimp like me!!
    I like that you picked a day about a month out!

    • Hi Kim!

      I’m still swimming and it is going great and I also have my trainer twice a week. I keep trying CycleFit and I keep hurting myself by trying to do too much on the bike. Walking is about the right speed for me right now but Brrrrrr!!

  3. In one of my many previous lives as an overweight person and before I was a member of the Y, I once lost 50 lbs over a 7 month period from just using walking as my sole exercise. I was religious about it though, everyday for 2 hours, and everyday for those 2 hours trying to walk a block further in that time frame than I did the time before. I also attached weights to my ankles to provide resistance, I was also religious about what I ate . Walking is so underrated as an exercise, for it to be effective though you must make sure your pace is relatively quick (no leisurely strolls here) and that you are building up a sweat or at least you are increasing your heart rate…….now over to you Cindy for one of your quick quippy rebuttals with your great sense of humour to turn what I wrote into something that is amusing

    • First – You can’t just challenge somebody to be funny! Its not “Ready, Set, Go! Make me laugh!” Usually when I make a funny I am just telling the truth and you people just find it funny.
      Second – Oops! I have to go to a meeting, I’ll finish this later! Yeah I’m fooling around at work but it is before work because … Oh got to go!

  4. Wait, I commented before! I remember making some dumb remark about you turning long johns into a new fashion trend. Oh well, must have f–cked something up somehow. Anyway, go you!

    I actually came back to thank you for awesome Cranky Fitness comments; I was offline and not replying but damn woman, you totally crack me up. (someday… guest post? Just sayin’!)

    • Something was going on with my site. I was checking it on my phone and it was showing that nobody had commented, but Estelle told me she had left me a present with one of her Cheshire cat grins on her face so I knew I better run and check what was going on and suddenly comments.
      I kind of like the long johns with shorts look and I don’t think it is just for the young gals any more. This could be my new look for March!

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