Witches legs running with broom.  Green and black striped tights.I am having a really good day today!  Hmmm how can that be?  I worked all weekend and today recreating a project my computer corrupted missing out on some great weather.  I am punchy from too much coffee and not enough sleep.  Naturally my boss decided he really didn’t need a third of the data I knocked myself out creating over the weekend.  Still I am having a great day!  You know why?  I did more than I thought I would.  I did something extra.  Even though I was tired I made the extra trip and got the cat I have been growling at lately the good cat food.  I felt pretty good about myself.  So I ripped up those cardboard boxes that wouldn’t fit in the recycling and stuffed them in the bin.  Yep I’m good!

Witch's legs sticking out of a black top hat. Hat and legs are upside down. Green and black striped tights.When you are obese and you hurt and you are tired it is really easy to cut yourself some slack and do less or nothing and then moan and groan about the state of your affairs and get down on yourself.  The thing is that if you just push yourself to do one thing you often will find extra rewards.  That’s right even pooped out I can do extra and maybe even a little more and some more after that.  See that I wrote the post I didn’t have time for.  Got to go I have laundry to do!  Damn I’m good!  The point is that every little success counts so look for them and give yourself a pat on the back!  You deserve it!!!

Gee, I wonder when crabby Cindy is coming back to whine and complain!


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  1. Kudos my friend…..I can just picture you smiling at a good job well done….and you do have one of the nicest smiles I’ve seen. Keep up the good work its great to hear you being so positive.

  2. Well That didn’t take long. I’m crabby again!
    I went in the basement to do laundry and it was flooded. The hose on the washer has broken. This just happened to my friend. Is it the season for this?

    • Oops, didn’t see this when I posted… So sorry! But if you can somehow regain your good mood despite the massive annoyance of it all, you will have shown Total and Complete Awesomeness and all will bow down before you. Not that I’ve experienced it personally but I’ve heard it’s nice.

  3. Hey congratulations, and thanks for the inspiration! I know exactly what you mean about the pleased and proud buzz that comes with going the extra mile when you know you could have slacked. As Queen of the Crabs, this is advice I can use!

    • I read your site all the time and now I guess I have joined the ranks as Crabby Cindy. I expect there is no secret handshake. I have the raised eyebrow look of death down pat. Mine only works on men and the occasional child. Thanks for dropping by!

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