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PoopedI know! I know!  I’ve been away for a while and I didn’t check in and let you know I was do ‘in fine.  You were worried I had gone on some month long sugar binge or was sick!  Well I was sick for like 3 days with a cold but actually I have been too pooped the last month to spend any time on my blog.  One thing you have to know about me is that my job comes first before everything.  Yeah I know that is messed up, but I was raised with the idea that work came first so if you had to miss Christmas or Thanksgiving because of a deadline at work well that was OK.

Anyway I had a big project that I said would be done in 2 weeks and it took 3 weeks with a lot of 12 hour days 7 days a week.  Then I got another project that was smaller and less complex but hellish because data was deliberately concealed by a rival company so I had to glue everything together using the tiniest of crumbs of information.  All of which resulted in me getting a cold and a really messy house.  OK and a cat with an attitude and a love for sleeping on my neck!Laundry

My exercising suffered some but my diet stayed on track and as it turns out my April Fool’s weigh in was pretty good.  I lost 28 lbs. from December 15th to April 1 and I can tell I have lost some more since then.  I am still avoiding the scale.  I probably won’t weigh myself again until maybe October unless I think things are going very wrong or very right.  Then I will do it sooner.  I rarely limp any more but, this winter really put me behind on my walking regime so I have some work to do.  It is a struggle to walk 3 Km now which is really disappointing.  I have to get myself back to 5Km pronto!

Way back in April my trainer helped me make some videos of me doing some of my typical exercises.  I haven’t so much as looked at them but, I will post them soon and I think they might be handy for anybody who is a real beginner who looks at everybody else’s beginner workouts and says TOO HARD!  It was interesting to see how off my perception of what is going on during various exercises is compared to what the video shows.  I stepped out of lunges in particular because I thought I was tipping over, but the video never shows me even tilting at all.  I also will often comment that one squat or another lunge was particularly well done or botched and they look exactly the same on video.  My trainer and I often discuss the fact that my thoughts and anxiety are my biggest challenge when I exercise and this process really illustrated that for me.Blah

On the personal front it’s a new year and I have a new raccoon chewing holes in my house.  One friend suggested I put a strobe light up in my attic to scare critters off.  I kind of like the idea of having the disco den but, what if my raccoon is the John Travolta of the critter world.  Stay ‘in Alive!!!  To Multiply!!!!


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    • I’m a girl of the 80’s. I have seen the go ‘ins on when the boogie fever is high! I keep a respectable house and I’m not having any of that kind of thing going on!
      Who am I fooling! I have never fed a raccoon on my dime but, I have cleaned up plenty of their parties on my front lawn after they got in the neighbor’s garbage. You would think the person that hosts the party should have to clean it up not me!

  1. Glad you’re back!

    And what an intriguing yet horrifying prospect–to have my attempts at exercise videotaped. Gah!. Glad you found out good, anxiety-reducing things. I sometimes close my eyes and pretend I”m invisiible when I’m doing something I’m crap at, so that’s awesome you were brave enough both to be recorded and then actually watch the recordings!

    • It is easy to videotape the horror comes when I post this stuff. I know what I look like, no surprises there except when I get a view of my butt. I have been lying to myself about that. Its the how to ensure only positive people comment. Hmm maybe if I get some hurtful comments I can write an article in response.

  2. I’m a few days behind on reading this but glad you are alive and well!!
    And, 28+ pounds?! Awesome!!!
    I hope you do share your videos – it’s so interesting how we think we are doing as compared to how we are really doing. Glad you made it through the major projects at work – hope it slows down a little for you!

    • Well, this is my first experiment with a video camera and its an old one that belongs to my brother. The video came out kind of dark and grainy. You can tell what I’m doing but everything is washed out and boring looking. So I removed the blah background and I am adding some colour and distractions so it at least doesn’t scream look away. I also managed to remove my foot with the background a couple times. Whatever! I’ll be replacing each video as I get better at this anyways.

  3. Glad to see that you’re back and in good shape! Although work comes in first for you, never forget to take care of yourself above anything else. I’m glad that things are looking up for you career-wise. Can’t wait to see the videos! – Kevin

  4. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! Raccoons having a disco! That is just the funniest image ever in my brain!!!!! AH HA HA! My old house used to have flying squirrels in the ceiling!!!! It was so weird to hear them, but after awhile, we just got used to them!

    • Flying Squirrels?!!!! Oh some how that just makes it so much worse. I imagine them swooping at you like bird do when they are protecting their nest. Yeah we don’t have any flying squirrels here so to me they are attack squirrels maybe with little helmets and goggles. Oh I know where I got that image. Canadians … say it with me Rocky and Bullwinkle! Non-Canadian? Google Image it!

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