OK, so here is the dilemma.  I want to go snowshoeing in the woods but I don’t own a car and I don’t want to go to the expense of renting one.  My hiking club rents a bus every week and goes cross country skiing and snowshoeing and I can go as well for a little over $20.  OK! OK! I’m not going this week because you know “polar vortex”, -40C wind chill and 80 Km wind gusts.  My goal for this week is just to not fall on the icy sidewalks.

If I go on the bus I need to go with my slim friend so my butt can spill over into her turf.  She has been my friend for probably 25 years so I think she has to just put up with me stealing her butt space at this point.  You can’t start complaining about it at this late date.  She does sometimes mention how nice it would be if I got a car … soon!

Once I get there I have to watch out for the control freaks.  Apparently I am too dumb to follow the signs on the trail and too weak to successfully drag my fat butt out of the woods.  It seems I need be monitored and motivated by others.  I need to be pushed to conform and keep up with the gang.  EEK!!!Cross_Country_Skiing

I usually either take off running while people are getting organized and then take the route less traveled or I take a really long bathroom/coffee break and wait for the crowd to leave.

And then I am in the woods and all I can hear is the crunchy crunch or the deep snow muffled thump of my feet and either the breeze in the trees or the little creaks and pops that trees make when nobody is around.  If I am lucky there is snow and ice in the trees and every so often some ice comes crashing down or the barest breeze sends a fine shower of snow into the air.  If I am lucky there is no snow or ice on the trees and can see the texture and color of the tree bark in perfect detail and I can spot those few autumn leaves that have refused to let go of their tree.  Nothing better than inspecting bird tracks in the snow.    The breathing is good, my body is warm and I am more alive and alert than I can ever recall being.  Then you have to go pee!  Shouldn’t have had that coffee.  Too public to squat.  5Km from the bathroom and hey here comes my hiking club.  There headed back ‘cause they need the washroom and they won’t leave without me.  What’s that you say you know the fasted way back!  I love these people!


Snowshoeing! — 12 Comments

    • I have to figure out how to make an emoticon with its tongue sticking out just so I can properly reply to you!!! Google search!

  1. Well, I’m a wimp and hate the cold and snow but other than that it sounds like a fun way to get some exercise and social all at the same time – HAVE FUN!!!

    • If you get yourself one of those ugly down filled coats. I call them Michelin Man coats because you look like that cartoon character of a guy made out of tires. You stay warm. I wear winter biking tights and think hiking socks. I could sleep in a snow bank dressed like that.

    • January 25th is the first weekend I can go and/or I may go February 1 and then I can’t go again until March. It looks like I am only going to get out twice this year unless I do something on my own.

  2. …and now you’ve got me wondering if it was ever so cold outside that someone peed in the woods and it froze before it ever hit the ground. I must Google this. I must…

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