Sex – Beware the Black Widow


On August 15th when I wrote Oxytocin Could Boost Social Sensitivity I warned you this article was coming.  Hopefully I haven’t lost too many readers to this problem between then and now.  Just a minute gotta check the site stats.  Uh Oh.  I mean I warned you!  Hardly my fault if your die being irresponsible.  You would think a warning like “Sex will kill you! 100% Guaranteed” would be enough.

Well for those of you who have waited patiently, here is the link to WebMD discussing a study presented in The Journal of the American Medical Association. (CLICK HERE)

Seems there is a higher risk of sudden cardiac death after exercise and sex.  No they didn’t give details of exactly how they are doin’ it for the study like one of your trashy novels.  Seems that if you are physically fit then it is safe and even beneficial to fornicate.  If you are weak and out of shape then you might consider taking up some mild exercises and then working your way up to the advanced stuff that goes on in the bedroom.

Consider it Darwin at work.  If you are not the fittest of the fit then you have fewer chances to pass on your genes before you die in the black widows bedroom.  How’s that for motivation?

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