So I need to write my first real post for Fat Chicks Fitness.

What if nobody is interested in what I have to say?  What if I can’t produce enough posts over time and I lose momentum?  What if Barbara Walters reads my site and wants to interview me as one of her most interesting people?

What if my family reads this?  Eeeeeek!!!!!

This is how I procrastinate.  I am a worrier and I like to plan for every possible problem.  As a result, nothing gets done.  When the task is new to me or I just plain don’t want to do it I make endless plans.

So, what’s my trick for getting tasks done?  Make it simple and break it down into little pieces.  This reduces my anxiety.  I know that if I will just give any project 15 minutes of honest effort I will find it isn’t so bad.  I can then build on that expecting that the next 15 minutes will be easy as well.  If I want to walk away after the first 15 minutes I can.  I don’t have to feel bad about it.  I did what I said I would.  It is rare that I walk away and never come back.  When that happens it is usually because I bit off more than I could chew.  That means I have to simplify the task or find another way for it to get done.

Hey look at that post number one is written.  That was fun, I think I will create another.

Hi Barbara!


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  1. Happy to see this blog is finally a go, I have added it to my daily RSS feeds and will be diligently following. I like the slicing the tasks in 15 minutes, interesting approach

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