Potato Chips – Irresistible!

Mind Blown - Canadian Style

Mind Blown – Canadian Style

First things first!  I want to write about this time change which I thought I was handling really well even though I do tend to get insomnia.  Unfortunately I am so out of my mind tired right now that I can barely fake … ANYTHING!!!!  Please let this be the start of a cold and not the start of insomnia!!!!


The sugar thing is going pretty well.  Some backsliding but generally doing well.

The piriforma muscle issue is better and I made a lot of progress at first but I’m stuck.  I have increased my flexibility to the point that I can now cross my legs (Whoo Hoo!) but I can’t seem to get the last 30% of this problem fixed.  Pinky has resorted to having needles stuck in her butt and electricity added to that.  I think I will just keep doing what I have been doing and let her find the ultimate cure.  I’m not in a big hurry to sit on a tennis ball or hook myself up electro-shock of the arse just yet.

So here is our main article which I wrote many months ago and then gave it away but then it didn’t get used and then I couldn’t find it and now Voila!!  Enjoy!

A friend of mine Joyce at Future Self Coach recommended that I check out a blog by Dr. Barry Simon. It had a really interesting quiz about “Why Some Foods are Irresistible”.
In the article he challenges you to create an image in your head of your favourite treat food and then ask these questions.

“Is your food image:
Colour or black and white?
Is it centre, right or left in your visual field? Your visual field is the stage inside of your brain. Is the food on the right, centre or left?
How far away is the image from you?
Is it big or small?
3-D or flat?
Vague or clear?
A movie or a still picture? “

Now take the challenge but imagine a plain vegetable with not salt butter or dressings. You people that love your vegetables can substitute a food that you find boring.
I imagined a single perfect potato chip and it was front and center, in color, 3D, in focus, big and I could taste that salt and oil on my tongue and even feel the texture of the chip and hear it crunch. When I thought about a vegetable I picked an artichoke which came out kind of dull colored and soon morphed into blurred, soggy, tasteless thing. I don’t mind artichoke but I don’t go out of my way to have some. In artichokes defense I have seen and eaten a lot more perfect potato chips than I have good, bad or indifferent artichokes.

from http://www.mascotsok.com

from http://www.mascotsok.com

So basically it seems my brain has learned that potato chips are great and wondrous things that I need to know about in extreme detail and artichokes aren’t really not worth remembering at all.  Its interesting that any man I think about is also a blurred, soggy, hairy, grey thing.  You add a kilt and a sword and now that’s kind of hot!
Nom, Nom, Nom, I got it bad folks!! Sound like text book addiction to anybody else?


Potato Chips – Irresistible! — 9 Comments

    • As long as it is only one chip! Of course you may have to eat the entire bag just to be sure which chip was the actual perfect chip.
      I’m still pooped this morning so this may be a long day!!
      Good Grief! I’m computer kryptonite lately. I can’t get the reply to work on my web site. I had to pretend to be a stranger to the site to make this reply.

    • Fredelle,

      Do you bread and deep fry your vegetables? I can get behind that! Actually I like my vegetables raw for the most part. Most have a subtle enough flavor I don’t want other flavors on them covering it up. Its only the orange vegetables that I am not fussy for.

    • The first 3 perfect chips out of the bag are the best but then if I catch myself and ask if I am really still enjoying them or just mindlessly crunching I often find I can throw the rest away.
      If there is chip dip then all bets are off!

  1. It is all in the mind. If you can get your brain to think artichokes is the same as potato chips, then eventually it will think that. It is sort of a cognitive dissonance that need to be developed.

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