Pain in the Butt

More Stick Figures!  Yeah!

More Stick Figures! Yeah!

First, ‘cause I know you have been waiting to hear, I am still cutting the sugar and I still feel much less insane. I have fallen off the wagon a couple times and whoo it is hard to get back on. I felt really good for the first month and it was easy cutting out extra sugar. Then I had a stressful day and my tummy was upset so I got myself some digestive cookies. Then I had some more. Then I ate an entire box of digestive cookies. I felt ill right away and of course over the next few days that little voice in my head was going off every five minutes demanding sugar. That shook my confidence a fair amount but I figured this was just starting over and in a few days it would get easier again and it did, but it was hard to get my confidence back. So that is where that stands. 2 months, not a lot of extra sugar, much less crazy! I have no idea if I lost weight. I don’t weigh myself more than twice a year. The scale is another source of crazy for me.

New Topic: I was talking to that gal with the pink hair one day at the gym and we had the same low back pain. I always thought it was bad form and my tendency to arch my back that was the problem except when the pain was mild it seemed to be high on my butt and not a spine problem. Pinky and I compared notes and sure enough we had the same problem except she had her problem checked out and it was pressure on her sciatic nerve from tight piriformis muscles. What! I have a bum problem not a back problem! She showed me the stretches that she does for it but, she has a completely different body type. I did a lot of squeezing my tummy and not much stretching of my bum.

Pigeon pose of pain

Pigeon pose of pain

So I took myself off and did a little research. I just knew the cause was going to read sitting too much in my lovely Lazy-boy. Yep! Also I stopped doing some of my stretches in order to save time and it seems I may have really needed those stretches. I checked the various stretches and tried them out. All were either doing nothing for me or my tummy got in the way and then there it was … the pigeon pose. I knew this one. Otherwise known as downward dog, cross leg under and lower to floor for agonizing pain. I remembered this pose well from yoga class. Well I decided to give it another try and sure enough that hit the spot but holding for any length of time was not going to work. So I went to ponder my troubles in the hot tub and eureka! I can do the pose in the hot tub on the bench as long as nobody minds my toes sticking into them. You do weird stuff in the hot tub, people leave, problem solved. So this stretch is working. I am getting better AND soon I am going to be able to cross my legs just like the cool girls do.

PC Hot Tub Pigeon pose

PC Hot Tub Pigeon pose

I soon had a Duh moment while I was doing that stretch where you hold on to your foot behind your back while standing. I always get a cramp up the back of my leg when I do that. I assumed I had tight muscles in the back of my leg. Hmm that would be my sciatic nerve complaining. I have had that problem for years!!!!
The body is sending me messages and I just speak a different language I guess. Sorry bum!
P.S. I am playing around with using the foam roller on my butt. I fought ever suggestion people gave me about doing it. If they tell me it hurts them and they weigh 1/3 of what I do. I don’t want to suffer that much. One gal just got after me and finally I tried it out. Now I feel kind of foolish! It was awkward but it didn’t hurt that much. Oh now I hear what I really need is to roll with is a tennis ball. That has got to hurt. A lot!!!!!


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  1. Oh foam rollers! I remember when I had this pilates instructor, she would let me lay on the foam roller vertically and do arm circles… Um sure, that does NOTHING….. But just recently I hired a personal trainer and – she had me rolling on that shit… And I am talking like a TIRE TRACKED foam roller – it was INTENSE and HURT LIKE CRAZY! So um, yeahhhh I don’t like foam rollers, LOL!!!!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Protein-Packed Crunchy Love BitesMy Profile

  2. OMG, I’ve been slacking off on piriformis stretching too, concentrating on QL and psoas stretches my chiropractor was recommending, but some of my symptoms are exactly like yours! I never even suspected piriformis for the leg cramping when grabbing the foot problem, I get that too.

    Thank you! Will make sure I’m not neglecting the pigeon!
    crabby mcslacker recently posted…Mindfulness, Exercise, and GrousingMy Profile

  3. Foam rollers are a life saver. They help with knots and assist in healing the muscles. It might be painful at first but well worth it. Tennis balls are the poor man’s version. But definitely invest in a good foam roller.

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