I Out Stunk a Skunk

Foot Stink Ninja!

Foot Stink Ninja!

I have smelt a skunk a few different times at night while I was in bed this summer. I would jump up every time because I thought it was the cat who likes to pee outside his kitty-litter if he is upset. I figure he had upped his game and pooped beside my bed. After much searching and lecturing of the cat, I would figure out the smell was from outside. A skunk!

I started to think how many skunks do we have in this neighbourhood? Usually if you smell one you will soon see some poor guy that was run over by a car. No bodies! We don’t have any loose dogs around here that would chase a skunk. Would a raccoon or a cat chase a skunk?

Anyway when I got home last night my neighbours were out talking about the skunk in the backyard. Skunk central is in my neighbours shed and they are trying to figure out how to get him to move on. I handed over the number of the guy that takes care of my raccoon problem, but when I confessed how much it cost interest in the professional route vanished. I suggested googling for a cure and volunteered to spray around with my coyote urine spray that I have to keep racoon away. I didn’t figure it would work all that well as it works on only half the racoons that try to make my house their home. Surely a skunk wouldn’t make a home so close to my house with it smelling like coyote.

Anyway I am spraying along the fence line when who should appear out from under a piece of wood. The skunk! He did not even get a chance to lock and load! If I had been using a paint ball gun he would be completely pink now. I sprayed him right in the face and just kept going. I wasn’t trying to be mean, it’s just somehow in my mind if I stopped he would be able to start. Anyway, this poor guy must have been old or tired or all out of the juice ‘cause he just made a noise kind of like a burp and walked away. So it wasn’t the showdown at the OK Corral, but I feel I won that battle. I feel my training after much time using a water pistol to convince the cat not to climb my curtains or play the harpsichord on my blinds is what carried the day for me. Hopefully the skunk now realizes who the top predator in this neighborhood is. Yeah, It’s my cat ‘cause I’ll do anything if he will just keep all his business in the litter!

Yep!  There he is sleeping in my spot and he is so stubborn he will fight you for it too!  You have to offer him a superior bed like a pizza box or he isn't moving.

Yep! There he is sleeping in my spot and he is so stubborn he will fight you for it too! You have to offer him a superior bed like a pizza box or he isn’t moving.


I Out Stunk a Skunk — 11 Comments

  1. I had to read this because we have a skunk hanging around and it came out last night when we were outside with our kids and their friends. I may have to get some pee in a can! Nice job with that btw!

    • You can get various predator pees from peemart.com Yeah, really that is the name. Service is fast. I don’t know how effective it is on skunk I usually do battle with raccoons. I can tell you my cat is completely unfazed by it, but then he’s dumb and just stares at raccoons, mice and other cats.

  2. I had no clue there was coyote urine spray that’s pretty epic and gross but I guess if it’s useful, why dog it? Glad you won or a tomato bath would’ve been your next step and those are no fun I’m sure. 🙁 Your cat looks so comfortable – I’m excited to adopt a kitten in a year, still sleeping on it but in a year I’ll be ready. 🙂 Hope you’re having a great weekend Cindy! -Iva

    • We had to give the dog a tomato juice bath when I was a kid. I walked a long distance with my wagon to get 8 big cans with all my money and bring them home. We let the dog soak in the stuff until it congealed and then let him run around the yard a bit. Of course an adult saw the dog and thought we were tormenting or killing him. I can tell you the stuff works really well!

  3. Hmm, I don’t suppose it would work on children? It’s Family Week here and the shrieking and screeching has been nonstop. Or mosquitos? Alas, I don’t think either kind of irritant fears coyotes.

    But yay you for kicking skunk ass!

    • The Skunk isn’t living in my backyard that is the neighbors problem. I was just trying to be helpful and got a scare for my efforts.
      What all the road kill racoons isn’t keeping your neighbor fed? Tell him to add some of those poop machine Canada Geese to his diet.

    • That would be an interesting conversation with my boss. I can’t come to work today because I smell!!!(sounds of pitiful crying)

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