Olympic Athlete Holley Mangold will be on Biggest Loser

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You may recall I wrote an article about Holley called “She’s 350 Pounds Olympics Bound”.  Holley is a weight lifter and although she had no expectation of placing in the Olympics she did secure 10th place.  She says she is joining Biggest Loser as a contestant because she feels her weight was one of the reasons she didn’t place higher even though in the past she felt it was a benefit in her sport.  She had considered retiring from the sport but has changed her mind and wants to compete in the next Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.  In order to join Biggest Loser she was forced to pull out of the Pan American Championships and the World University Games because of scheduling conflicts.

What do I think about all this?  Well it’s her business what she does with her life not mine.  I hope it all works out for her.  Unfortunately this will bring more attention to a program I have really been hoping would die a quick death soon, soon, soon!  I think Biggest Loser is about fat bashing and feeling better about yourself by putting other people down.  It’s ugly!  It’s dangerous both to the contestants and to anybody that buys into this brutal view of getting healthy and fit.

I fear that this show will only end when they finally manage to kill a contestant!  Yeah, NO I’m not going to be watching!


Olympic Athlete Holley Mangold will be on Biggest Loser — 6 Comments

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Not only is the show mean but it promotes the idea that the only way to loose a lot of weight is to spend 8hrs/day in a gym with a trainer yelling at you. Moderation is the key to a healthy diet and healthy workout regime…but that’s not “good TV”.

  2. I like yourself do not watch that rubbish overrated show. They push the people too far too fast. Yes they lose weight but they do not enjoy it and as soon as filming finished the weight will go straight back on.

    • I guess a few of the people have managed to keep the weight off and have used their celebrity to get jobs in the fitness field. Some others have put all the weight back on.
      The message to the public is that if you can’t drop 6 Lbs in a week your just not trying hard enough and all that really matters is that you look slim at the end of the day.

    • They don’t get paid in fact they compete like Miss America to get on the show. Once you are there you are constantly reminded how lucky you are to be there and that thousands of people would trade places with you in a minute so you need to prove you deserve to be there.

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