Old sepia photo of a large woman in a provocative pose in her underwear

I’m pretty certain that Great-Grandma could identify cookies and cake and possibly a gold miner with money to spend!

During our lunch today at my office we had the nutritionist from the fitness club across the street come in and talk to us about our food court habits.  All I can say is ouch!!  This woman had one hour to give us a condensed synopsis about where we are going wrong nationally as a society, how we can do better and what works with regards to nutrition.  It was excellent and exhausting, but I feel inspired.

The points that were the most helpful to me personally was the idea that you need to learn to maintain your weight eat what makes you feel good and healthy and stop the roller coaster of feasting and then trying to be perfect.  Once you can learn to eat nutritious real food in a way that honours your body consistently for a long period of time then you can try to lose weight.

Another idea was that if my great-grandmother would not recognize a food item as food then I shouldn’t eat it.  Think about that one!  Basically you only shop the outside isles of the grocery store and maybe pick up some brown rice in an inner isle.  We got a bunch of horror examples of food you think is OK which is really bad for you.  We had one example of a fast food greek salad that had three days’ worth of salt and fat in the dressing.  I am well aware that I am complicit in my blindness to what is actually in my food.  I happily go along with the marketing spiel that tells me I am so clever and righteous for choosing the healthy salad over the burger and fries.  It feels good without too much suffering on my part.  Well I guess it is time to stop being a chump ‘cause I am only hurting myself.

So here is the scoop.  Ideally a food court meal should contain;

  1. 2.5 to 5 oz. of lean or extra lean meat or meat alternative (tofu blah) which is 20 to 30 grams of protein.
  2. 1 to 3 cups of vegetable and fruit (mostly fresh vegetables)
  3. Drink water, coffee, tea or skim milk only.
  4. 1 to 2 servings of 100% whole grain
  5. Less than 500 mg sodium
  6. 400 to 600 calories

Today I think I will have the baked salmon on my salad with some chick peas and I already had a green apple.  First I have to go down to the grocery store and find a salad dressing that isn’t horrible or maybe I can put some cottage cheese on my salad rather than dressing.  I wonder how much cottage cheese I can have and how much salt will there be in all this.  Luckily I have an app on my phone that will do the math for me.  I hope the chick peas are an OK substitute for whole grain.  I would be fine with a couscous or quinoa salad but they can be hard to find without a mystery sauce on them.

OK how did I do.

I ate all of my salmon and I should have left some on the plate because that was 335 calories alone.  My total meal according to my app came to 697 calories, 23 grams fat, 5 grams saturated fat, 74 grams protein, 857 mg sodium, 22g sugar.  It tells me my caloric ratio is 28:32:40 I will have to look up what that means. Well I am going to have to spend some time tonight figuring these numbers out.

The easier thing to do would be to go back to the food delivery plan I go on and off all the time.  They keep the food within certain nutritional and caloric limits and it is all real food.  Anyway I am going to eat with the idea of feeling well after the meal.  Considering how sensitive my stomach is that would be a huge improvement if I did only that.


Nutritionist — 7 Comments

  1. In my opinion, we stress way too much about what constitutes “healthy eating”. We today get older than ever before, so our food can’t be that bad, despite all the cries about the impending apocalypse. The only thing that really needs to be dealt with is that many of us simply eat too much, which is the No. 1 reason for life expectancy potentially dropping afer decades of improvement.

    • One does wonder. I get fairly stressed about making good choices with food and I wonder how much damage all that fussing is causing me. I have found the “MyNetDiary” app on my phone is helpful. I just try to work towards getting 5 green check marks for the areas it measures each day. Getting a check mark for keeping my sodium under 1,500mg per day is not easy. Also it can scan bar codes so you often scan, check and put back on the shelf at the store.

  2. Nutrition is such a hard thing… and people get so caught up in it.
    When I first decided that I needed to change what I was doing I went to a website called and started filling in a food diary. Sure, it was tedious initially… but then I started getting the hang of the things I ate regularly… and then I went on to study nutrition.

    But that doesn’t mean anything. I KNOW what I need to do. I got 99% on my exams (I know, geek, right?).
    Yet, I will still decide on a bad day that I need to eat McDonalds on the way home from work because I am too tired, emotional, disorganised, whatever it is that makes me do that.
    But you know what the difference between me and the “skinny” person is? They do that a WHOLE heap less often than I do.

    Nutrition is awesome. And a 700cal salad and salmon isn’t going to kill you, but knowing what is in your food and understanding that now a light dinner is the best option, and taking the emotional part out of what I do in particular is hard…

    Ok now I’m rambling 🙂
    Thanks for your comments the other day 🙂

  3. Sounds like you are making more and more healthy choices, which is great, and it sure ain’t easy considering what’s on offer in most food courts and grocery stores.

    Some people will say eat lots of whole grains, others will say don’t eat any; some say calories are the most important and others say focus on carbs etc etc etc. No matter what you do it’s wrong in someones eyes!

    Kale. I think everyone pretty much agrees you can eat that. 🙂

    • Thanks Crabby!

      I have a freind that always says “When in doubt eat broccoli! You wanted fruit? When in doubt eat a strawberry!”

  4. I’m nine weeks into my weight loss effort and have felt something I never felt before: After I eat a balanced, full and health meal that’s low on carbs and has zero alcohol, I actually feel energized and sometimes euphoric. What? I always thought feeling tired was normal after a meal. Go figure!

    • Stephanie,

      I have noticed that too that I feel so much better after a healthy meal and so sick after I have junk. Unfortunatly I have tended to be a person that likes her immediate gratification. Not only is junk often tasty with all that fat and salt and sugar it is also forbidden and who doesn’t like to break the rules.
      My hernia is really helping with this problem as the “I feel sick” phase comes much quicker now after I eat junk. Its amazing we have to learn these lessons. Seems like some of the other kids figured it out right away. Oh Well!!

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