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I have one hand hold on this now and I'm not letting go!  So Rock.  Get out of my way!

I have one hand hold on this now and I’m not letting go! So Rock. Get out of my way!

I’m two weeks into my new schedule of working Noon to 8PM and swimming 2 hours a day.  So far it hasn’t been too difficult.  My legs are often sore and I had a persistent cramp in my right butt cheek.  That was kind of embarrassing!  I would walk along like a normal person and then get one of my cramps and start groaning like I was possessed while dancing around like there was a mouse in my pants.

This schedule has done a good job of cutting out any late night snacking.  Nothing convenient is open by the time I get home and I just want to go to bed anyways.  I can find the weekends difficult mainly because I don’t usually plan ahead what I am going to do and eat.  I haven’t gone off the rails but it has been a struggle.

I’m in a hurry to add more exercise to my morning but I don’t want to do any more dancing around holding my butt so I will take that slowly.  I’m holding off on weighing myself as well.  As long as I am doing everything I am supposed to I don’t need to get on the scale.Broken Scale  When my clothes tell me something has changed then I will see what I weigh or if I start to slide then I will have to keep an eye on the numbers so that I don’t get too far off track. (Since writing this I got on the scale.  I’m divorcing the scale.)

I have not seen or heard from my raccoon squatter.  I assume he has moved in with the girlfriend he invited over a while back.  The cat was kind enough to catch a mouse in the house so now I have to figure out where he came from.  The cat is pretty good at pest control but way too enthusiastic.  I would much rather build the critters out.


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    • Thanks!!

      I needed the encouragement today! The weather has climbed into my joints and everything hurts. Good thing swimming is a solitary pursuit because I was a cranky bear in the pool this morning.

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