Naked Hot Tub!

Bet this title got your attention.  I wonder if I can get my site on a banned list this way.

Todays topic is sleep.  Keep reading long enough and I will get to the hot tub.  I have had trouble sleeping for more than 30 years.  What do I do about it?  Well for years I did nothing.  I generally felt OK during the day with 4 to 6 hours sleep so I didn’t worry about it.  Generally I fall asleep at my usual time just fine and wake up 2 to 3 hours later to go to the bathroom.  This is when the problem begins.  I am wide awake.  I usually read for 2 to 3 hours and then sleep lightly for another 2 hours.  Again I am wide awake and running out of time to get more sleep.  If it is the weekend I can read for a few hours and take another 1 hour nap.  If it is a weekday there is no more sleep.

As I said I usually feel OK but many mornings I am depending on coffee to make me alert.  I rarely take any caffeine after noon as it does prevent me from sleeping.  If I am taking Advil anyways for an injury I will take the night time version.  I do seem to sleep a little deeper with that.  I don’t find sleeping pills work that well on me. My trainer says my lack of a proper sleep pattern will only contribute to my weight problem so I need to deal with this.  Hmm what to do?  I like the idea of getting a hot tub that I can jump into during my sleep breaks.  I know hot tubs make me sleepy but I really hate to pay for heating one of those things all winter.  It would be so decadent though!!! Hmm, naked hot tub in the backyard. YEAH!!! Neighbours seeing me!!!!!! Indoor Jacuzzi tub?  Too nosy!  Total buzz kill.  No adventure there. My neighbour says he is blind sooo … eh how does he run that lawnmower … Hmm who cares!  Naked Hot Tub!

These ramblings are sponsored by Joyce, she says she likes to hear my thought process.  She may be writing a research paper.  I should not be held responsible for any sleep inducing side effects of this post, unless that is why you came here.

AnyHoo! Here are a few links to articles with ideas for improving your sleep.


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