Moanday Link Storm Sept. 10, 2012

Ahh!  We are enjoying are first cool days leading into fall.  This is my favourite time of the year.  I am not a fan of being hot and sweaty every time I leave the house.  In the fall you can go out for a long walk and never get over-heated.  The air is generally not smelly because somebodies garbage is baking in the sun.  Where I live fall seems to be a sunny windy time of the year and I am just fine with that.  Also big plus I usually sleep well with the cooler temperatures.

Sigh!  Now I see the list of links I wanted to share today and it just doesn’t fit how I feel right now.  Neither does the image I have planned for this post.  Usually I need a lot of coffee on Moanday morning.  Not this morning!

Our first article is from Huffington Post’s Soul Talk series.  “Who do you hate?”  This is one of those topics of which there are many that make me realize I must be different.  I have only hated two people in my entire life.  One of those only lasted about a week before the person was forgotten.  You really have to try hard to get me to hate you.  I find you really will annoy the person more if you agree to disagree with them and then forget about them.  I guess that is a little passive aggressive!  Neh!  Forgotten!

This article from Scientific AmericanStay Thirsty, My Unfair Friends” is about how people feel about fairness.  I can certainly relate to this.  I am the big measuring stick of fairness.  On my daily travels I always measure who got on the bus out of turn.  What this information is supposed to do for me I have no idea.  This is one trait I would like to lose.  It is such a waste of time and you can only come away from it feeling badly.

Finally I have an article from the Dances with Fat blog called “Eating While Fat”.  I think I have talked about this before.  People watch me eat and sometimes friends try to change my order at a restaurant or tell me what to eat.  It adds another level of stress to an already stressful situation.

I’m going outside now to pay a bill at the store I could pay on-line.  I want to enjoy the weather!

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