Moanday November 19, 2012

A grey furry ball with big plastic green eyes - cute

Just ’cause a girl gets a little grey, and round and gives up blinking doesn’t mean she is stressed!

Oh No!! Moanday again and I have nothing!  Well that’s not true.  I have numerous brilliant thoughts that were so earth shattering I didn’t need to write them down.  Oops! Gone!  I have the usually assortment of half-baked, half-finished, half-a##ed articles that need editing.  Hopefully some of that will happen this week.

Basically this month it has been “Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho. It’s off to work I go”.  Love that song actually I have the album from Snow White.  Love “The Washing Song” ’cause the dwarves make disgusting sounds when they wash.

Back on topic!  I have been super busy at work and as a result I have been very hyper-active, super-stressed and you have been super-neglected.

Do you ever get like this?  I can get into a mode at work where everything is Go! Go! Go! And it gets hard to Stop! Stop! Stop!  It’s great for getting manual chores done at home because the brain is a fog by the time I get home but the body is still in panic.  Yeah I know the stress is bad for me and it does tend to send me into a state where I just want to crunch all the time on food.  Luckily my food of chose lately has been rice cakes.  Anyway once I get out from under these projects I better have a look at learning how to turn it off through meditation or something.  It’s hard because I like the adrenaline I guess but I know if it goes too far It will affect my sleep and it has already caused me some tummy troubles.  If you know me you know that just remembering I have a tummy will give me tummy troubles so that is nothing new.

Havva sent me a great Monday Moaning link that I really can’t relate to today but that won’t stop me from sharing it with you.

Monday. A 3D animated short film. from The Magnificent Itch on Vimeo.

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