Moanday Link Storm Sept. 3 2012

Pepare to be SLIMED!!

Well somebody is going to get their butt kicked today.  Yep!  I’m cranky.  Today was the last swim before the pool I use is closed down for maintenance for 2 weeks and it was the worst swim I have ever had!  I was kicked.  I had some kid grab me and scare me and I had a set of oblivous people bouncing around running into people.  I just kept turning around and getting out of their way.  In the end I only swam for an hour instead of two.  Originally this rant was about a page long.  You can thank me now for erasing most of it.

Anyway today we are linking only to snarky, cranky articles cause that’s the way I roll.

First up an aticle by Hamilton Nolan at  I think his solution to eveything is stop whining and drink more coffee.  This article is titled “You Don’t Need That Fancy Shit” (ClickHere)

You would think with a web site called Cranky Fitness and an internet handle like Crabby McSlacker I would have found the mecca of crabbiness but no check out this aticle called “I Used to Weigh Five Hundred Pounds” (Click Here) Total false advertising like my article “Naked Hot Tub” (Click Here)  This is my most popular article.  It gets all sorts of google hits from people looking for “naked fat chicks in hot tubs”.  I should have known!!  Don’t worry my stats show those guys don’t stay on my site more than a second before they leave.  Oh yeah.  I have Google Analytics now its pretty cool, but why am I so big in Denmark?

Here is an article from the Cranky Nutritionist.  She is on a rant about protein (Click Here)

Finally the grumpiest of them all is the Angry Trainer.  He is sharing his top 10 workout videos (Click Here)


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