Miserable Moanday!

Cartoon goldfish too big for glass bowl with large fish lips

I told you I rubbed off my nose. Forget duck face. Check out the fish lips!

Bah Humbug!  I am sick with a cold.  I bought about $40 worth of fancy packages that the pharmacist recommended.  They say they will relive all my woes plus a long list of ailments I don’t have.  Hmm!  Nope not so far!  Stop working in the sore throat I don’t have and get to the dripping nose.  I have rubbed much of my nose and upper lip off from blowing.  I looked for the moisturizing wipes but they didn’t have any.  Maybe I should have picked up a box of baby wipes and used that.  Yeah, It’s true, you really don’t want to know me when I am sick!  I am a whiner!

Well at least the cat is happy to see me.  He and I have been napping together since yesterday.  It’s a real lazy bones love fest here!  If he would just stay off my keyboard we would have something.  I have to remember to change his kitty litter which means getting dressed and getting some supplies.  Blah!!  It’s not like I am going to smell it if his kitty closet starts to go off.  The first clue I will get is when he decides to leave me a surprise on my living room floor.  Cats are so evil!!

So I guess you are expecting a link storm Euh!

How about some you tube funnies instead.


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  1. Sorry you’re feeling so under-the-weather, a cold always does it for me too. I can’t really think of too many encouraging words, so I will just wish you a speedy recovery. 2 thumbs up for the “Jim Carrey” workout, missed you this weekend. & Happy Thanksgiving

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