Minnie Mouse is Now Size 0!

Dear Disney,

I am very disappointed in you.

When you came out with that Habit Heros attraction at Epcot with the associated game, I figured you were just misguided.  You tried to teach children about healthy habits and you just stepped a little lot too far into shaming them.  It was a mistake to have animated fitness super heros Will Power and Callie Stenics teach villain Lead Bottom the error of his ways.  Particularly as Lead Bottom’s bouncing tummy was played for laughs and ridicule.  The idea did not go over well and was cancelled.  I thought that would be the end of it.  Disney learned its lesson.

Habit Heros

Next thing you know Disney is launching the Designer Villains limited edition dolls and make-up products.  Well look at this, obese villain Ursula from The Littlest Mermaid has lost a lot of weight.  These things happen.  OK, I wouldn’t have thought Disney would want to get burned twice interesting.



Near Death Minnie

This last one Disney … now I’m mad.  Nobody messes with Minnie Mouse.  She didn’t need a diet.  She didn’t need a makeover.  She certainly didn’t need to be made over into a grasshopper with a mouse head.  Are you kidding me!!  What did you do to her?  Lock her in a cell with no food for months then stretch her on the rack?  Hey kids!  Its’ Near Death Minnie!!  Ridiculous!  Minnie has been redesigned for Barney’s 2012 high-fashioned holiday window display.  Problem was Minnie did not fit into her high fashion designer dress so she was put on a diet.  Seems Minnie always wanted to be a runway model/stick figure.  Not healthy Disney!  Not Good!


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