Magic Fork

A card called Fork from the card game Magic with a complicated set of instructions written on it.

You would think I would starve before I figured out how to use this magic fork from Magic: The Gathering, but I’m a nerd and I can read magic casting!

I eat too fast!  It’s a fact.  When I was a child it was a race to eat your potatoes and get a second helping before my brothers finished them off.  If something tasted horrible like squash (SHUDDERS!) you would start by shoveling as much as you could and choke it back before you tasted it.  After that it was long hard struggle to wash the taste out of your mouth and then somehow take another bite.  Once we got a dog some of the super time stress was reduced as Blackie the dog could be counted to eat anything.

Anyway!  The fine people at Hapilabs have created a fork designed to slow down the food shoveling.  My Chief of Research Havva was kind enough to pass on this link.  When you start eating too fast the fork vibrates to let you know it is time to slow down.  So now the only excuse for eating too fast is that your batteries went dead!



Magic Fork — 6 Comments

  1. Just when i thought I’d heard it all, now we’ll have cutlery on our case as well as society, what an insult to intelligence, a fork determining our eating habits, gimme a break.

      • Vicious thoughts aside, the only magic forks should be allowed are either bending or balencing on the end of a tooth pick, I mean how much power do we want to allow forks and folks when you think about it.

  2. If it were really magic it would turn my salad greens into chocolate chip cookies. But thanks for the link–a hint to slow the heck down when eating would probably be helpful too. I’ve heard chewing more and eating slowly helps with bloating, not that I’ve ever slowed down enough to test that theory!

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