I Want a Vest!

Vest Perfection from 1930!http://www.OSFcostumerentals.org/

Vest Perfection from 1930!

What is the deal when you can’t buy a vest anymore?  In my opinion the vest is a great piece of clothing.  You have a plain dress that shows off too many lumps.  No problem put on a long vest all is forgiven.  Outfit not professional enough for work? Get out the vest.  Want to have all eyes on your face? Ruffled blouse with a vest.  Funky? Vest! Stomach pooch? Vest!

Is it because of those people that have vests with cats or horses all over them?  Maybe it was the Christmas vests.  They killed the industry didn’t they?  I had to go to OSFcostumerentals  to find any pictures of vests I liked.  Apparently my taste is stuck in 1930.

I’m busy! I really don’t want to have to break out the sewing machine and do this myself.  It is deeply buried under a pile of mending that will never happen.  I may have to pile up my mending and my wardrobe wish list and support the local economy by hiring somebody.  Actually I also have to find somebody to make me some bathing suits.  My usual supplier has discontinued mine and I refuse to wear a swimming dress that floats up under my arm pits and tries to drown me.  Hmm I also need somebody to make tights.  They discontinued that as well so I am wearing biking tights with the diaper cut out to exercise.


The bunny vest – The beginning of the end!

If you’re not fat you just don’t get how hard it is to get quality clothing.  I can get things that look good easy but they will fall apart after during one wearing.  You cannot put t-shirt material on this butt and call it yoga pants!!

I also want to know why I can’t buy a navy blue suit. Black, Black, Grey, Black, Red, Black, Brown, Black, Black, Black.  Actually I can get a blue suit with lace for going to a wedding, but not one for business.  I can get purple before I can get navy blue.

So yeah I was on-line shopping today.  What you been do’in?


I Want a Vest! — 2 Comments

  1. LOLLL that first paragraph and YES, those jerks in the Christmas and bunny vests totally ruined them for eveyone. They’re the same people who made the mock-turtleneck popular. #nostyle.

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