Happiness Follow-Up

Yep my raccoon probably had a gold tooth.  He was a playa! from cupookie.blogspot.com

Yep my raccoon probably had a gold tooth. He was a playa!
from cupookie.blogspot.com

You may recall my article from May 30 all about my definition of happiness.  I promised a follow up article to let you know how things worked out.  If you have not read that post you will not have a clue what I am talking about here.

Well … a funny thing happened on the way to happiness.  If that raccoon had been paying attention as I watched my favorite show (Game of Thrones) he would know that “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”

So I happen to have a small ceiling hole the electrician made when he installed my front porch light that goes into my attic.  I opened my jar of coyote piss … of course I sniffed … don’t do that … and I chucked it up into my attic.  OK I placed it very delicately while holding my breath and scrunching up my face.  Clever girl that I am, I then placed a bead of silicone around the hole and slapped a piece of garbage bag over that sealing in the smell.  I then ran outside for air.  I believe my cat may have rolled over from his spot in my favorite chair.  When I came back in he seemed to have moved.  He is the kind of cat that understands that whatever the problem or danger is the mistress will deal with it so no need to worry.

So far the smell has not come into my home.  I next put another jar under my back steps where it will be protected from the elements but still able to stink out the neighbor’s son and his partying friends.  And then I waited!  I also sniffed my yard and house occasionally.  No real stink noticeable after one day.

from http://morrolicious.com

from http://morrolicious.com

I didn’t hear the raccoon scratching or the partiers bleeping on the first night, but we had a big rain storm.  The next morning on my way to work I see a dead raccoon on the road.  It looked like my guy.  Did I scare him so bad he ran in front of a truck to get away from the coyote?  I doubt it.  He was kind of a cool customer.  He once greeted me on my front porch when I came home late.  He was totally unfazed by my crazy, screaming dance and bag swinging.  I was rather proud that I managed to muss his fur with my bag until I thought … fleas, ticks and lice.  Anyway the raccoon noises have ended.  There are other racoons in the neighborhood.  I assume they will observe a respectful period of mourning before they try to inhabit my attic.  We will have to wait and see.

The partiers have not been active either but I also notice that the number one son was moving belongings into a moving van.  Maybe this coyote pee is magic pee!


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  1. HAHAHA! I might need to get some of this magic liquid… We used to have a nice quiet retired couple that lived next door to us. In fact, our whole neighborhood is about 90% retirees (I wish I fit in that category!). Now there is a younger couple with 3 kids and 3 dogs there that bark at me when I’m in my own yard(yes, both the dogs and the kids are barking at me, I’m pretty sure). I wonder… if I sneak a jar of coyote piss through that hole in the fence….Hmmmm…

    • I live in an area with a lot of retired people. They make me look bad because they keep impeccable yards. The least I can do in return is drive the noisy neighbors out!

  2. Haha, your cat is just like ours. As long as everything is safe, they are wild, fearless beasts. When trouble brews, they let the big cats (you and me) handle stuff.

    Another word for cat owner? Can opener! 😀

  3. I love the idea of magic coyote pee. Will it work on grumpy neighbors as well as noisy ones? Or hell, it might not make them disappear, but it would at least be fun to give ’em a good reason to scowl all the time. Must purchase some!

  4. I hate seeing animals killed in the road. We have had a whole bunch of rare Fox Squirrels killed around here because people speed and just don’t care.

  5. I agree with Dr J, On my drive home every evening I must see a Squirrel in the road and nobody seems to care. Its so unfair.

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