Maybe I'll think of something clever to say later!  Bah Humbug!

Maybe I’ll think of something clever to say later! Bah Humbug!

Well I have been tired and sore and grouchy and generally no fun to be around lately.  All because I am having trouble with a project I am working on as part of my job.  I said I would have the project completed on Friday and well if there is one thing I am good at it is finishing projects like this one.  I banged away on it all weekend and yes I had some success but it isn’t done.  I feel like saying to this computer program “Do you know who I am and how talented I am and how smart I am?”  It really sucks having an argument with a computer.  Its answer to everything is Beep 32 errors, Beep 12 errors and Beep 63 errors!  Now I have had a tick in my cheek that keeps on twitching.Vintage-Mother

When I get this thing done I’m … starting the next project.  WHahhhhhh!!  Clearly I am going to have to do something really nice for myself before this cheek twitching, grouchy-poo thing spills over on to my friends more than it already has.  Hmmm sleep in?  No guarantee with me that I’ll sleep.  Haircut?  Desperately needed, but I’ll have to have that gal that massages my head and that is a 3 hour haircut.  Massage?  Maybe.  Online shopping?  Already done.  Bought myself leopard print undies.  Where can I soak my feet, watch TV and eat a salmon sandwich while somebody does my laundry?  Mom’s!  Too bad she lives too far away.  Here is a service somebody should provide.

UPDATE:  Turns out I’m not such a drama queen as I thought.  I have been tired and unable to concentrate and sore because I have a cold.  I got my project done and I am working on the next one with the few working brain cells I have left at this point.

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