Green Thumbs Up for Journaling

If I take my yogurt and cucumber externally that still counts right!

If I take my yogurt and cucumber externally that still counts right!

I think today I will talk about food and some strategies that are working for me. I know you are supposed to journal and I fight that tip every time I hear it.  Well!  I’m journaling just don’t call it that.  I am using My Net Diary on my iPhone.  Why does it work for me? Well first and foremost it doesn’t lie to me like much of the packaging at the store.  I used to eat cereal, healthy cereal I thought.  That was how it was packaged and presented.  Put that in my handy dandy program and its telling me good job on the fibre but what’s with all this sugar and salt.  Wait for this.  The cereal was recommended by my doctor to get me more fibre.  Anyway that has been a real help as I can scan barcodes at the store and see how different products compare quickly.

The second reason I like this program is that I can think of it more as a game than taking inventory.  We all know inventory is a crap job that’s why it never gets done and what little is done is full of errors.  If you don’t know this you have never worked IT where everything has to be barcoded and cross referenced and updated.  Blah!  My goal each day is to get all green thumbs up symbols on my end of day report.  So I start my day with a high fibre breakfast and I get my first good job symbol.  As the day progresses and the percentage of fat or sodium in my diet that day is starting to get too high I get a red thumbs down.  Oops I better straighten this out with an apple and some vegetable soup.  Check again OK we are back in all green mode.  Yeah!

This is faux lamb for the veg heads isn't it.

This is faux lamb for the veg heads isn’t it.


What I have started to try to do is add good vegetables, fibre and protein into my diet early in the day so I don’t have so many Oops moments later.  Oh wait I might just be fooling myself into eating properly.  I have a pretty strict no food in the evening rule which I enforce by getting into my housecoat as soon as I get home.  I’m too lazy to get dressed to go to the store and there is nothing in the house to eat.

So the only problem I have is the weekend.  I can blow an entire week’s worth of work in one day without hardly trying.  Phewww!  I guess I need to do some Google searches on weekend eating strategies.



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  1. I think “fooling” yourself into eating more vegetables is actually the way to go. Those that try to change their entire nutrition around overnight usually are the ones that fail. Just like we gradually became fatter, we should also gradually become healthier gain.

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