Getting Started is the Key

Fainting WomanMy trainer just came back from a conference where they emphasized getting your hapless victims customers to step outside their comfort zone.  Yeah … after the butt-kicking he gave me there was no zone, no place and not even a lazy-boy of comfort to step away from.  In fairness I think he actually went easy on me but I lived the good life while he was away and now it is time to pay up.

Anyway in an effort to follow his new mantra I did go out to buy wireless headphones so I can Zumba or Dance to the Oldies along with my TV and not be interrupted by rude people banging on my front door wanting me to stop the music.  Now they will just get to hear the soothing sound of my off key solo singing and stomping to the oldies.  I went to 2 stores with money in hand (a lot of $$$$) and I could not get service to save my life.  I did get to try on the headphones so I figured out which ones I wanted, that was a plus.  It worked out well in the end.  I checked into purchasing online and found I could get them $50 cheaper with free shipping, so naturally I did some more online bargain shopping.  I bought cat toys!!!!  What is wrong with me!!!  Don’t worry I have a cat, one cat not ten.  He may have to look at de-cluttering his toys soon or maybe I’ll buy him a big toy box (maybe with a tufted cushion top for lounging).

I tried but you just can't find a picture of a woman being drowned by clutter or cat toys!

I tried but you just can’t find a picture of a woman being drowned by clutter or cat toys!

Well I guess I better get back on topic.  So naturally I completely forgot about stepping out of my comfort zone which was to become my mantra for the rest of the summer or at least for the week.  Clearly this new mantra is too complex for me.  First I have to examine what makes me uncomfortable.  There is the death knell to that mantra right there.  I will examine and contemplate and formulate at least long enough that I will forget what the topic was and start ruminating on something else.  What is called for here is an idea that will stop my endless brain whirling before it can get started.  I need a Nike “Just Do It”.  All of IT?  There is a lot of IT!!!  I’m a procrastinator there is a lot of IT that needs doing!!!  I can’t do it all!!!  I don’t want to do it all!  OK! New mantra. “Just Start!”  As soon as you see something needs doing “Just Start”.  Stop when you want.  Change it up sometimes.  If you start laundry well you have to finish the load, same with brushing teeth and shaving legs, maybe a few other things.  Cutting the lawn, although I really am tempted to mow stripes and leave it and see what happens.  I bet it will drive somebody crazy and they will cut my lawn for me.

So anyway I am going to work on just starting and then hopefully in the next phase I can work on “Just Finish Something”.Pin Up Girl


Getting Started is the Key — 9 Comments

  1. For me it’s not “Finishing Things” that should be the approach, it should be continuing to do what you started, get momentum after you start, bring yourself to a point that starting it/doing it is something that happens, it becomes part of you, if you don’t do it, you don’t feel right, you have to keep on doing it to feel good. I find once I get started I can’t stop however when I do stop inertia sets in and then it is extremely difficult to start, so I just don’t stop…

  2. Well, I’m glad that you started this post!!! The funny thing with your topic changes – I followed every one – our minds must work in similar ways!!!
    I love the new mantra – Start!!!!
    I know you can do it!!

    • Bah!! Fredelle,
      You know I don’t perceive that I am beating myself up. I love every one of my twists and foibles but, I do want to find ways to work with them to get the job done.
      As far as my workouts go I am never quite sure where the line is. I want to get right up to the line without going over into “that was a bad idea” territory. When I finish and I don’t feel like a boneless pile of jello then I think there was more I could have done.

    • FOUR!!! Are they hairless and de-clawed? I spend my time running around saving my headphones, my computer, my mail, my shoes and the toilet paper from this beast I have and he is kind of big and lazy.
      I’ll check out the App maybe it is magic!

  3. This post was hilarious, thank you! Love the striped lawn idea, btw.

    I am currently in some sort of weird phase of my life where I am constantly starting things and wandering away again, distracted by some shiny new quest every few days. Not sure if this is good or bad. I like the freedom to do what feels compelling in the moment; on the other hand, I don’t get much of anything Accomplished in a way I can point to and get all puffed up about.

    Let’s just call it “living in the moment” and pretend it’s on purpose.

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