Fork Chew Chew Chew … Down

Person holding a round slice of watermelon in front of their face. A smiley face has been cut out and the person's eyes and mouth show through the holes

If I played with my food that would slow me down too!

In yesterday’s article about the magic fork Crabby McSlacker commented that “a hint to slow the heck down when eating would probably be helpful too.”  To which I thought I’ve read them all and I am not chewing my meat 15 times until it is sawdust in my mouth.  Then I couldn’t come up with any other rules for slowing down your eating, so I looked it up on the internet.  Turns out, there was a couple ideas that I didn’t reject outright with an imperious sniff and downward pointing thumb.


So here are the options:

  1. Chew every mouthful at least 10 times.  As stated about, I’m not going to do that it would suck much of the joy out of my meal.
  2. Put your fork down between bites.  Ok I have heard this one I just forgot about it.  I’ve tried it in the past but didn’t commit enough to the project.
  3. Sip water between bites so you will be full faster and you slow down.  This might work for some people.  I regularly drink a lot of water all the time including meals and it doesn’t seem to slow me down much.  Hence the getting out of bed at least twice a night and why can’t I wake up before it is an emergency?  I am a pro at running with my butt out and knees locked together.  You can’t climb over a cat like that (TMI?).
  4. Eat with a companion.  Having a conversation while you are eating will slow you down.  I talk to the cat enough already thanks!

    3 sets of 15 dumbell curls then eat part of the dumbell

    3 sets of 15 dumbell curls then eat part of the dumbell

  5. Close your eyes or eat in the dark and savor your meal.  I will go half way on this one.  I will get the food all the way to my mouth before I close my eyes.  Otherwise … the cat does not really do a thorough job of cleaning up spillage nor do I.
  6. Serve yourself small portions so that you have to go back to the kitchen for seconds.  I’m lazy!  This could work!  I do something that works on the same principle sometimes.  When I am alone and cooking dinner I will often cook the vegetables or make a salad eat that and then decide if I want to bother preparing the rest of the meal.  Since I have a problem with portion sizes when I prepare, I usually end up eating broccoli for 4 people and have no interest in anything else.
  7. Eat with chopsticks or a baby spoon or fork.  I would starve using chopsticks and a baby spoon would not slow me down much.
  8. Don’t eat while doing something else.  Guilty!!  My homework often has food stains.
  9. Set aside enough time to eat and eat in a relaxing calming setting.  Candles and the best china with a fancy table cloth are suggested.  I could put a pillow case on a TV tray but I only have the dishes they gave away free at the supermarket.
  10. Use proper posture.  Imagine you are eating with the Queen.  My trainer makes me do curtsies so I’m ready for Liz to pop on by.  I’ll put out the embroidered pillow cases for her TV tray.Watermelon head

OK I’ve had my fun! So what am I actually going to do?  I can see closing my eyes when I eat would slow me down and turn me away from multi-tasking so that is what I’m am going to try.  You know what’s going to happen?  My friends are going to catch me eating with the eyes open after reading this.  I’ll just tell them I was anticipating the starting of a relaxing conversation with them.


Fork Chew Chew Chew … Down — 5 Comments

  1. Truth be told, I break most of the rules about how to eat. However, I use strict portion control so if I eat fast, or watch TV, or any of the others (I do use chopsticks, but that’s because I like to) it doesn’t mater because when I’m done with the portion, I’m done eating.

    If this is Cindy, I agree with the HIIT versus slow cardio and injuries!

  2. I’m liking the smaller portions/go back to the kitchen idea! Smaller portions wouldn’t kill me either, and that way it gives me a moment or two to figure out if I’m really still hungry or not. Well, ok, I bet I’ll pretty much always go back. Maybe I should put one bite on my plate at a time? That might work! 🙂 (And thanks for the linky!!)

  3. I like this! You are hilarious and I can relate. They could have listed 10 realistic things geesh! Good luck with closing your eyes. Be careful your cat might steal your food. But hey that could be effective as well 🙂

    • I used to have a cat that would sit and stare forever then shake her head and actually do something. It was my theory that she had to give the brain a shake to get it going and generate a thought. This guy is only slightly smarter than that. I would die of old age before he made up his mind to touch my food.
      Thanks for saying I’m funny. I find myself funny but I have been known get the stink eye from some others, so I wonder.

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