Female toddler dressed in suit sitting at office desk crying.

Where is my foot stool Brahhhhh!!
In my kindergarden school picture I have this girl beat on the helmet head!

I was reading an interesting article in the Huffington Post about Flexibility.  A 58 year old man was looking to get back into martial arts but had noticed he had lost flexibility over the years and was looking for a solution.  I can really relate to this.  I have been feeling betrayed by my body since I define myself as very flexible.  I have lost a great deal of flexibility in my legs and I am just certain that I will get back what I lost any minute now through no effort on my part.  I was born flexible.  I never had to work for it and well this isn’t right!Oh and I better address the nay sayers that don’t like stretching ’cause they are not good at it and hey they are doing just fine without it.  If you exercise regularly you are stretching it is part of the equation so maybe you don’t need to do stretching or as much stretching.  If you are bad at stretching maybe your mobility is being limited because you need more flexibility. Why allow yourself to be limited in what you can do?  I’m limited it what I can do and I HATE IT!!!Anyway, this article boiled down to “Use it or you lose it” but also said that we typically get tight in our calf and our chest from sitting at a desk all day with bad posture.  Ahhh!  Guilty.  I can accept that I broke my flexibility much easier than it faded away from neglect.  I am having a big problem with tight calf muscles pulling on my Achilles making my tendonitis worse.  I am well aware that I gradually get my nose closer and closer to my computer screen as I work with fine graphics all day.  I also tend to put my feet under my chair and push off.Man sitting at office desk demonstrating poor posture

So I guess it is time to fix my office posture.  I have had some improvement from putting my main monitor on a computer arm, but I work with more than one monitor so I need to get two of them up on an arm that can be pulled toward me instead of me going to the monitor.

I already rest my right leg on the side of an exercise ball and that help a lot but I also tuck that left leg under my chair and now put twice as much weight on it.  I think I will try a wedge style foot stool and see if that helps.

The biggest thing I need to do is my stretching exercises every day.  I tend to be lax about that.

Here are some links from Exercise at About.com for flexibility exercises:

Flexibility Workouts

Office Stretches

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