Eureka … Maybe!

Exciting Breaking News!! Well Maybe ...

Exciting Breaking News!!
Well Maybe …

Don’t get excited yet!  I still have to prove my theory through rigorous trials!  I want to let my ten loyal readers know first!  Yeah, I am using exclamation points on the end of each sentence.  I am restraining myself from capitalizing every line so … deal with it!  There is a possibility that I have found the magic bullet that allows me to lose weight almost effortlessly!  I know!  I know! I am this close to tears believe me!  Will this cure work for you?  UHhhh, I dunno!

So a while ago I lost 160Lbs like a long while ago (4 years ago) and then I stalled and then I slowly put back on 50Lbs.  I would lose 10 and then put on 12 and fight for 2Lbs for months.  I tried different things and it seemed to me that if I was pushing myself hard I should get results but they didn’t arrive.  After a while I started getting physical evidence that I wasn’t handling stress very well and it started to affect my workouts.  My workouts with the trainer started to become the barometer I used to measure my stress.  The poor trainer must feel like he was part psychiatrist and part mind reader and he needed to be able to completely rework his plans for me on a moment’s notice.  Sorry!!

Anyways, babbling again, I had a staycation for 2 weeks and I didn’t change how I eat or sleep I only changed my stress, because it’s a vacation and I had total freedom and I exercised when I wanted to as I wanted to.  I swam 3 days a week for 2 hours in addition to my usual workouts.  I lost 6Lbs!  I don’t do numbers like that.  I have never done numbers like that.  The 6Lbs have even stayed off for a week so far.  I figure it was the stress which I can’t really avoid, but I should swim more as my stress was much better when I first lost weight and I swam 6 days a week then.

Crazy Naked Chick is Breaking Out of Her Shell!! Yep! That should get me some internet hits!

Crazy Naked Chick is Breaking Out of Her Shell!!
Yep! That should get me some internet hits!

These days I track my food on an App. on my phone and keep track of calories, salt, fat and fibre.  The App can also give you calories burned for exercise.  I normally ignore that as I don’t want to give myself permission to eat more just because of the exercise I have done.  I happened to check how many calories burned for swimming laps slowly for 2 hours was, 2033 calories.  Ha Ha! Well, I knew these things aren’t accurate.  Can you imagine how much weight I would lose with a calorie deficit like that?  Wait a second!  I stopped losing weight when I switched to 45 minute CycleFit instead of swimming.  Those 45 minutes killed me so they must have burned more calories (1052 calories).  Ok I’m not fooled these numbers are all wrong.  I’ll check online and find a site I can put I my weight and the length time of my swim and the effort level and the total distance I swam (2070 on one site 1893 on another).  Even if I half the numbers, those are some big numbers.

If that doesn't work, how about Chocolate Covered Chick Breaks Out of Her Shell!

If that doesn’t work, how about Chocolate Covered Chick Breaks Out of Her Shell!

So I am going to be swimming 3 to 4 days a week for 2 hours and we will just see what happens.  Swimming 2 hours is easy.  If I can find the time I sometimes swim for 3 hours, although 3 hours is boring, so boring.  It isn’t supposed to be easy is it?  I let you know if I have found the big secret cure for obesity.  If this works I definitely should get a gold star mini-skirt life pat on the back.  Oh I know, I will wrap myself in a single locker room towel for the first time and do a jig rated PG!


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  1. Greetings from Ethiopia where my daily excise is getting to my apartment which is up 10 flights of stairs and walking 2km to get my coffee. There isn’t much food so there is not much snacking in the afternoon. I hear you on the stress thing. Boredom also does it but weren’t you the one that told me about the swim pod? Maybe load up a oral book and listen to someone read to you while you swim up and down. My thing is not to track my intake too much just cut out the snacks. Drink only champagne and try and be happy. Keep well my friend, MA said you weren’t well on the weekend and missed the Morning Maniacs walk. Too bad. Keep posting it good.

    • Love You Rusty!!

      Champagne does tend to give me the rose colored glasses for a while! Too bad it has so much sugar.

      10 flights of stairs? I know you Rusty by now you know the exact number of steps to get to the top.

  2. I realize that this blog is body-centered (Fat Chicks) rather that soul-centered or mind-centered but I want you to know that you are a whole person like the rest of us. You have great strength in your effort to change one aspect of you, but we don’t hear about your (effortless?) successes professionally and your generosity of spirit with your friends. Those aspects of Cindy are also important. Just saying.

    • Thanks Fredelle,

      I am still going to tease you at every opportunity!

      I do tend to get caught up in whatever I perceive as my biggest self-improvement project and well when you are fat their are always a few people that can’t see past the fat and want to make a big production about it.
      Sometimes I even lose track of who I am.

      When I need strength that is when I think about how I could have ended up and what aspects of me are really special. Then I take all that strength and try to use it to bash away at my problems. There is probably a better way. The old water going around the rock not through it but where’s the fun in that!!

  3. swimming every day for 2 hours is how I lost my 100lbs, —–supporting you all the way in your daily swims, you have the prized stress free lane in the pool—I don’t understand Fredelle’s comments about your generosity of spirit, I guess I don’t see or hear it because of all your whining and complaining

  4. WooHoo- glad you found something that is working and, more importantly, that you enjoy!!! I’m always impressed by people who swim 2 laps – 2 hours is a long time!! And, I think stress plays a huge role in weight issues – hopefully the swimming will help keep your stress down!

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