Cindy’s Top Ten Work Out Play List

Here are my top ten favourite workout songs.  Click on the song title to listen to the song at

  1. Start the Commotion – The Wise Guys
  2. Black Horse & The Cherry Tree – TK – Best of Shape Walking album
  3. Enter Sandman – Metallica
  4. Sandstorm – Darude
  5. Pa’ la Discoteka a Bailar – Vibe Tribe
  6. Wrong – Everything But The Girl
  7. Girls on the Dance Floor – Far East Movement
  8. Ghost N Stuff – Radio Edit Mix – Deadmau 5 & Rob Swire
  9. Acapella – Kelis
  10. Hot N Cold – My Fitness Music Vol 9 at iTunes

I almost forgot to give you number eleven of ten!

Kung Fu Fighting – Bus Stop (See this funny video on YouTube)


Cindy’s Top Ten Work Out Play List — 3 Comments

    • Thanks Fredelle!!

      Your words of wisdom are always an inspiration to me. Its when you ask me one of those stumper questions I have no answer for that I see your true genius.

  1. Nice list! I’ll add some of these to mine. I have to admit I update my list almost every second day. Songs that never seem to leave my play list include ‘Can You Feel It’ The Jacksons, ‘Toxic’ Britney (a third of my play list is Britney!), ‘Cream’ Prince, ‘Bad Romance’ Lady Gaga, ‘Express Yourself’ Madonna…well, I have a lot of favourites.

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