Christmas in July

That fountain of knowledge Havva has done it again.  She sent me an excellent article (Link to Article) which is a review of a study of 50,994 adults over 6 years.  The conclusion of the study was that it is much more unhealthy to be underweight than to be over-weight or even severely obese.  The article also says that BMI (Body Mass Index) is a poor measurement of obesity as it does not account for the fact that people are three dimensional.

“During the study period, the “underweight” subjects showed a risk of death no less than twice as high as the “normal” participants.”

“It was considerably safer to be “severely obese”: the people in this category were just 1.26 times as likely to die as “normals”.”

“People who were merely “obese” or “overweight” didn’t suffer from diabetes or hypertension any more than “normal” people, and ran no increased risks.”

This is a link to the full study.

For me this is not permission to go have some ice cream.  There are still a lot of things I want to do that I will only get to do if I am fit and a lot lighter.  I don’t want to go through the rest of my days carrying an anvil’s worth of extra weight around.  It is nice to know that my doctor is right and I have the heart and lungs of an athlete and maybe I won’t end up with all the diseases it seems like the media threatens me with.


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  1. OK I am making the first comments. I have been thinking about this article and I have a lot of questions.

    What percentage of the adults studied were underweight? That information is not in the articles although I was interested to see that they corrected the results to compensate for factors such as smoking. I was wondering how many thin people’s results were skewed by lifestyle chooses.

    What about all the work done on the longevity diet which is a diet developed to extend one’s life? It is an almost starvation diet. I checked it out and the studies all look like they were done on animals. This is a summary article about the Longevity Diet

    I would really wonder about the quality of the people’s lives as well.

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