RosannaDannaSo I’m eating chocolate.  Why? Duh it’s there and it’s yummy!  Well Ok here is the thing.  I got rained on on the way to work and my hair has frizzed out.  You may recall Rosanna Rosanna-Danna!

I am cold and I left my jacket at home and the jacket hanging in my office doesn’t go with this outfit and it’s gloomy out and …  So I picked up some milk chocolate with hazelnuts.  Not a “snack-size”, “family-size”.

You know I restarted my healthy lifestyle yesterday.  I let the gal at the gym measure me and everything.  She was kind enough not to yell out any of the numbers.

New Rule: You can eat all the chocolate you want as long as you suck on a dirty paintbrush first!

New Rule: You can eat all the chocolate you want as long as you suck on a dirty paintbrush first!

So why am I doing this?  I had a blip in my day and chocolate is going to make it all happiness and light again?  Well I will agree that the first 3 squares of chocolate were pretty great.  By 9 squares it’s good but I’m starting to feel full.  I really should throw this in the garbage.  That would be wasteful!  Yeah right!  You are just looking for an excuse to eat the rest.  The experience of that first piece of chocolate is over, it’s gone.  Chasing that feeling by eating the rest is not going to do anything but make you sick.  Kitchen garbage it is.  Then it won’t be looking at me all day.  I better check the nutrition on this thing first.

Maybe I can save the day by eating spinach and drinking water from now ‘til bedtime.
I really am a nut!  A hazelnut apparently!


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  1. So rain is your excuse for giving in to cravings? I’m not convinced that is the real reason for chocolate. I am convinced you can do it. Think of your aunt, your Mom,etc. It is no easier for me than it is for you. Think about that.

    • I’m convinced you people with willpower are strange alien creatures bent on world domination. You can’t fool me!

  2. Being a die-hard chocoholic, it was difficult to give up, when I started my diet….what did help was to switch to dark chocolate as it has a less moreish taste to it for me anyways. Spinach and water was not an option….not even close.

    • Canadian Tire is supposed to have the Nutri-Bullet you recommended I’m going to look for it and a weed-wacker after work today.
      Uhm the weed-wacker and the blender are not part of the same project. Not to worry!

      • I’m sure you’ll be as happy with it as I am…’ll be a spinach convert yet.:-) , that’s the Nutri-Bullet of course. Good luck wacking those weeds.

    • Oh Darn I can’t look at it at the office. Stupid firewall! The painful thing is I was the person that installed it to cut down on the goofing around that was going on. Now I get burned!

  3. I think you are joking, but…planning ahead is stronger than willpower any day!

    I am one of those aliens, but I never expect others to rely on it. Like ET, I just take it home with me 🙂

  4. I have no willpower over chocolate. When I went on a diet, I still give in to my chocolate cravings. I’m a staunch believer that there’s more to a diet that works than no chocolate. I’ll die without chocolate.

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