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Hi All!

I have an article over at Cranky Fitness today about visiting the big gym.  Crabby McSlacker is the host over there and she is super funny while still being informative.  I don’t know how much business she is going to get coming from my site to hers but as you can see I have my Chick Magnet on high so hopefully I will be able to suck a few readers in that aren’t related to me by blood.  Don’t get me wrong I do love my existing readers.  Hi Mom!


Chick Magnet — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Cindy, hope you’re doing well. I just LOVE your articles. Great laughs. I just shared your article on my facebook page. I’ve been missing you and all the wonderful ladies at the Y. Please send my greetings to them. I am now back in Richmond Hill. Hopefully will come down again soon. Hugs

    • I just saw your comment at Cranky Fitness and I was going to reply and ask when you are getting down to the Y. With the summer coming the herd is starting to thin a little and you won’t have to arm wrestle anybody for a spot in the lounge soon.

  2. Thank you so much Cindy! Loved having you take the reins with a great guest post, and sorry I was offline wining and dining but really appreciated it! And sorry I seem to have absolutely nothing funny or sensible to say this morning, MUST DRINK MORE COFFEE.

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