Not Gonna Grow Up … Much

Listen! Here is the deal as I have understood it from about the age of 5. I’m 51 now and I really resent getting told “Nope, your rules are all wrong”. (That was my inner voice saying that, in case you wondered. You can tell ‘cause It always says “Nope”, “HuH” and “Eh”. Anyway, my understanding was that I had to follow the rules and do what I was told (unless I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to get caught breaking them)until I was 18 and then I was an adult and I gained sweet freedom. No bedtime. No carrots. No underwear or shoes and all the bad words you wanted stuffed in one sentence. I confess I have reveled in it! I hear my married friends talking about all they have to do in an evening and I think and often say “You know what I’m doing tonight? Whatever I want!!”

Chick Magnet

Hi All! I have an article over at Cranky Fitness today about visiting the big gym.  Crabby McSlacker is the host over there and she is super funny while still being informative.  I don’t know how much business she is going to get coming from my site to hers but as you can see I have my Chick Magnet on high so hopefully I will be able to suck a few readers in that aren’t related to me by blood.  Don’t get me wrong I do love my existing readers.  Hi Mom!

Come Dine with Me Canada Update

As expected Rusty was spectacular last night on Come Dine with Me Canada!  She was clearly the star of the show.  Even when she was half passed out from exhaustion she always pulled out a great one liner!  The woman should have her own show! If you missed it last night you have another chance to see it on Sunday October 7th at 1:30PM on W Network 27.