Canadian Thanksgiving muddle!

issuesWell this post is kind of off topic.  Maybe I should put it under  the category of mental health and fitness or stress management or aging without dignity.  I did something foolish.  I do a lot of foolish things actually but usually they don’t bite me in the butt as hard as this one.

Here is the story.  You may have noticed that in Canada this weekend is a long weekend because it is Thanksgiving here.  I was invited down to my father’s house to celebrate with him and family on his side of his family.  It was also my 50th birthday last week and I was expecting some extra fuss to be made over me.  On that topic the YMCA ladies know how to make a proper fuss over a birthday gal!!!!  Thanks again to everybody! 

I rented a car and ran the hellish gauntlet to pick up my car on Friday night after work along with many, many other people.  Half way to the rental office I have a hot flash and start stripping of clothing in an effort to cool off.  By the time I got to the line-up at the rental office there was something different about me compared to others in line.  I just gave everybody the nothing to see here checking my phone stance and nobody commented until I got to the counter. 

When I am having a hot flash it is ME FIRST!!

When I am having a hot flash it is ME FIRST!!

The man at the counter looked at me with a question in his eyes and said “Yeah I guess it is a little warm in here?”  I fessed up and told him I was having a hot flash and he laughed.  Well they couldn’t find a car for me or anybody else as it seemed.  My sales guy turned out to be a prince and he decided I was to be upgraded to a convertible since I was having hot flashes.  He also assured me the car had air-conditioning.  I laughed and said “Sure I might as well have the mid-life crisis car to go with my hot flashes.  So no this is not the foolish part of our story.  Be patient!

On Saturday I packed up and was leaving for my father’s when my neighbor caught me and asked if he could park his relatives in my driveway while I was away.  I had no problem with that.  I dove to my father’s and traffic was hellish.  It took 3 hours to get there instead of 1.5 hours.  Two hot flashes, lots of accidents.  Lots of crazy driving so I was pooped by the time I got to my destination.  I pull up to my father’s and nobody is home.  I had been calling since Thursday and leaving messages but I didn’t know exactly what day my father would be back from vacation.  Well actually I did know.  He sent me an email, I just didn’t pay too much attention to it.  Seems I was supposed to visit for Thanks Giving next weekend. AHHhhhhhhhhh!

I am tired and soggy!  I have no interest in driving back home in traffic!  I want my mommy!  So I called my mother because she lives nearby and now I can horn in on her Thanksgiving which I turned down weeks before.  Nobody home!

I drive the 3 hours AGAIN back to my house there are cars in the driveway!  AHHhhhhhhh!  Now what there is no parking left on the street and I told the neighbor it was OK so I guess I better find a place to ditch the rental car.  The heating and cooling parts store is closed so lets cross our fingers that I can park there and not get towed.

I get home and I receive an email from my brother showing my mother and him enjoying a hockey game in my city.  Well now I know why she wasn’t home.  I could have stayed home the entire time and she would have come to me.  My brother was kind enough to invite me to his festivities with my mother!

Here is the question.  How do you think I will mess this entire thing up when I try again next weekend?


Canadian Thanksgiving muddle! — 6 Comments

    • Actually I didn’t like the convertible. The seatbelt was attached to the drivers seat which resulted in it going across my neck. I ended up with a rope burn mark on my neck.

      They still haven’t figured out that some woman have breasts and drive cars and need to be accommodated by the seatbelt.

    • I had a good second attempt at Thanksgiving this last weekend. It was pretty funny. One of our relatives teased my father a lot about leaving his children to beg for turkey in the street since he wasn’t home for the holiday.

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