Beating Temptation


It's pretty but you know people have been handling that stuff with their grubby hands.  Bleh!!

It’s pretty but you know people have been handling that stuff with their grubby hands. Bleh!!

This Fat Chick has trouble with the self-control particularly when it comes to junk food.  I am very self-indulgent and I reward myself with sweets or crunchy salty food for every conceivable boo boo, emotional slight or even a win!  I don’t have one bite ever.  If I have one I have it all and then get some more.  So I have to ensure I don’t take that first bite.That wait 5 minutes or 15 minutes or whatever thing doesn’t work for me either.  After 15 minutes of waiting to see if I really want that chocolate I will be like a rabid dog and the binge that results isn’t pretty.

So what to do?  Well I have a few strategies.  I have a good imagination and I find with sweets and in particular chocolate I can imagine that my fudge brownie or chocolate donut was baked by a chain smoking, greasy dude with dirt under his finger nails.  Yep desire is dead!  I have solutions for cheesies and chips as well but you get the idea and I don’t want to make you sick.

OK!  Maybe I wouldn't eat all of the donuts!

OK! Maybe I wouldn’t eat all of the donuts!

I also find that eating something like an apple that has a strong clean taste will redirect my attention.  Brushing your teeth is an old standby as is chewing gum.

If I am home jumping in the shower works well.  I don’t keep any junk food in the house so it is a big production once my hair is wet to make myself presentable for the food delivery guy or the corner store.  I did try having pizza delivered while in my bathrobe.  The delivery guy made fun of me.  Bless him for that because I am not doing that again ever.

I know it all seems a little extreme when simple self-control should work but well there is that word control.  You want to see somebody stubbornly hold their breath ‘til they turn blue?  Try attempting to control me.  Even I find it impossible to give myself a set of rules to follow.  I immediately want to break them.  I can immediately feel the hand of big brother on the back of my neck squeezing!  That is why I divert attention and redefine the problem ‘cause in a head to head battle of a rule vs my will the rules lose.


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  1. I’m a very bad girl. I ate two Hershey’s Kisses while reading your blog post. hehe. I love to reward myself with food. However, the self control factor did take some time to cultivate. There are still times when I find myself veering a bit (I’m human, right?), but for the most part I keep trigger foods away and plan my foodie rewards. It’s great to read how you deal with the issue. Always good to hear about other tactical measures that are effective.

  2. I know exactly what you mean, my self control is practically non existent with regards to food. I blame the clever marketing, bright colored packaging, oh and the amazing foods 🙂

  3. Great suggestions!

    Sometimes the ten minute thing postponement work for me, other times getting a cup of tea or coffee with just a splash of milk and some toffee flavored stevia will buy off the temptation for long enough to get to the next meal.

    And some days, NOTHING works! Fortunately, not too many of those… but always enough to remind me that “intuitive” eating doesn’t work too well with my greedy brain.

    • I can imagine me trying intuitive eating! My brain already asks for more chocolate as I lie bloated and miserable from a binge. Maybe with much work we can fix the lose cogs in my brain but for now I just try to work around it.

  4. So good to see I’m not alone in this department! If I can keep the junk out of the house, that’s half the battle-I like the idea of chewing gum-‘gonna try that!

  5. You are hilarious! I have been catching up with your blog after discovering it by googling to see if the domain “” was taken. Hell, it sounded good to me. Well lookie there! It sounded good to someone else too! And she’s fun and funny! And fat and struggling like me! I will be stalking your blog now.

  6. Self control is definitely not my strong point with regards to food. It’s funny because I feel I have self control in every other area of my life….but not food grrr!!

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