Twice a week I see my trainer and twice a week I moan and groan and tell myself I don’t want to do this, I can’t do this, this is going to be terrible.

Twice a week I tell myself it is all about attitude and if I have to bring a better attitude to this workout, it will go better.

Twice a week I complain and bargain with the trainer and in the end I am often unhappy with what I have accomplished.  When the workout is over I promise that I will bring a better attitude next time.

Then one time right at the beginning of the workout my trainer told me what exercises I was going to do and I thought “I can do that.  It will be easy” and it was easy and I asked for more of a challenge and that extra challenge was easy.  I was proud of what I had accomplished.  I felt great.  I realized that I talked about having a better attitude but it was all talk.  After that every time I worked out I told myself that what I was being asked to do was no problem.  When an exercise started to get away from me and my attitude became negative I took a big breath and changed the conversation going on in my head.  It made it so much easier and enjoyable.  Pushing around heavy weights can be fun … with the right attitude!

Yeah, you guys already knew all this and so did I on a certain level, but I never consistently used this tool.  I’m having a moment.  Cut me some slack!

Now I am taking what I have learned to other areas of my life.  It has become clear that how anything going on around me affects me is very much a matter of my attitude.

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