Addictive Junk Food

Come closer.  Look at my cheesy goodness!  I would never hurt you!  Trust me!

Come closer. Look at my cheesy goodness! I would never hurt you! Trust me!

My Head of Research at Fat Chicks Fitness Havva was kind enough to send this link to an article in the New York Times Magazine from yesterday.  The article had a number of concepts I had heard before but also many I had not heard about.  The article is fairly long and comprehensive.  Enjoy!

“…Fourteen years ago the heads of America’s biggest food companies held a secret meeting to discuss the early signs of an obesity epidemic. Did they agree to tackle the public health issue? Not exactly. They decided to profit from it, by making snack foods more addictive. Some industry figures now show a proper sense of shame. But the damage is done..”

NY Times Magazine The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food




Addictive Junk Food — 6 Comments

    • I have been fooled a few times. I check everything now with a program on my phone that reads the bar code on the package and rates the food and also gives me fat, calories and salt for the portion size I enter.
      Otherwise I just get tired and confused trying to compare in the supermarket.

  1. I don’t know if it’s good news or bad news that once you’ve switched to healthy eating, healthy food can be addictive too! I eat wheelbarrows full of roasted vegetables and wild salmon and salads, nuts and fruit etc.

    Um, portion control is not a strong suit for me. On the other hand, it sure beats being addicted to the crap that the processed food companies are pushing!

  2. Yep the food industry are a canny bunch, but let’s face it we all know junk food when we see it.

    A bowl of chips a day = a one way ticket to fatsville!

    It’s the foods that masquarade as ‘health foods’ and low fat foods full of sugar we need to be careful about.

    I’m a big advocate of the Paleo diet, or at least partly – tons of vegetables, as much as possible – organic meat/grass fed beef, healthy fats, some nuts and a little fruit.

    Sure I indulge in the odd junk food binge, but like Crabby says, you can get addicted to eating healthy foods too!

    • Peter,

      So I check out your web site which is great and what is your most recent post about? Coffee! What is my post for today about? Coffee!
      I’ll grant you there is room in the blogoshere for both of us but next time stay out of my brain!
      My problem with healthy food is access. I don’t have a lot of spare time and healthy food means an extra hour travel time plus prep time. Junk food is available almost on my doorstep ready to go. For that reason I have healthy food delivered to my house by a meal service. Yeah its expensive!

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