Fat Chick Cindy at 446 Lbs

Cindy at about 320Lbs. Yeah I know I weigh 357 now!

What is FatChicksFitness all about?

That’s easy!  We’re here to share inspiring ideas about obesity, fitness, health, personal growth and anything else we find interesting.  The idea is to throw down enough breadcrumbs that we encourage you and ourselves to GET OUT OF THAT SHELL!

Who is this we you speak of?

Well right now there is just me … Cindy The Fat Chick of the Canadian Fat Chicks (Yup I say “Eh” a lot).  In the near future I hope to harass some of the people that inspire me into sharing their insights.

So what makes you such an expert?

Well, I’m fat.  I weight 357 Lbs right now.  I used to weigh more than 446Lbs.  How much more?  I don’t know.  You try and find a scale that goes that high!  Moving on,  I exercise regularly, watch what I eat and try to embrace change and improve myself.  Hmmm!  I guess the proof is in the pudding.  If at some point this site tells you something you didn’t know that enriches your life then I win, I’m an expert!