Not Gonna Grow Up … Much

Listen! Here is the deal as I have understood it from about the age of 5. I’m 51 now and I really resent getting told “Nope, your rules are all wrong”. (That was my inner voice saying that, in case you wondered. You can tell ‘cause It always says “Nope”, “HuH” and “Eh”. Anyway, my understanding was that I had to follow the rules and do what I was told (unless I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to get caught breaking them)until I was 18 and then I was an adult and I gained sweet freedom. No bedtime. No carrots. No underwear or shoes and all the bad words you wanted stuffed in one sentence. I confess I have reveled in it! I hear my married friends talking about all they have to do in an evening and I think and often say “You know what I’m doing tonight? Whatever I want!!”

Potato Chips – Irresistible!

First things first!  I want to write about this time change which I thought I was handling really well even though I do tend to get insomnia.  Unfortunately I am so out of my mind tired right now that I can barely fake … ANYTHING!!!!  Please let this be the start of a cold and not the start of insomnia!!!! Update: The sugar thing is going pretty well.  Some backsliding but generally doing well. The piriforma muscle issue is better and I made a lot of progress at first but I’m stuck.  I have increased my flexibility to the point that I can now cross my legs (Whoo Hoo!) but I can’t seem to get the last 30% of this problem fixed.  Pinky has resorted to having needles stuck in her butt and electricity added to that.  I think I will just keep doing what I have been doing and let her find the ultimate cure.  I’m not in a big hurry to sit on a tennis ball or hook myself up electro-shock of the arse just yet.

Pain in the Butt

First, ‘cause I know you have been waiting to hear, I am still cutting the sugar and I still feel much less insane. I have fallen off the wagon a couple times and whoo it is hard to get back on. I felt really good for the first month and it was easy cutting out extra sugar. Then I had a stressful day and my tummy was upset so I got myself some digestive cookies. Then I had some more. Then I ate an entire box of digestive cookies.

Wrestling Sugar

Hi All! Remember me! I used to write silly stuff semi-regularly about my life on this blog. What happened? I had a rough fall and I guess I just don’t want to write when I am down. I had a big run-in with sugar and it had me in a head-lock for a long time. It seemed like I could only shake it off for a few days and then it would come back and stomp me down even harder.