Wrestling Sugar

picture from www.wwe.com

picture from www.wwe.com

Hi All!
Remember me! I used to write silly stuff semi-regularly about my life on this blog. What happened? I had a rough fall and I guess I just don’t want to write when I am down. I had a big run-in with sugar and it had me in a head-lock for a long time. It seemed like I could only shake it off for a few days and then it would come back and stomp me down even harder.
I have always known I wasn’t great with sugar and I tend to be a person that doesn’t just have a little, but I was really surprised at how addicted I became. It actually gave me a pretty big scare which is good as I don’t want to ever be that out of control again.

That was me this fall!

That was me this fall!

Anyway, I have come to terms with my problem after hitting the proverbial rock bottom just like they say in every story about addicts. I was having trouble controlling my temperature and I was alternating between being hyper and being super sluggish and tired. My trainer asked me how I was feeling as he always does before my work out and I just looked at him and started crying. I couldn’t really come up with a good reason why I was such a mess. Well that was enough for me! My trainer and I talked and I made some decisions that I had no confidence I could keep at the time. Well it has been a month and I have kept to those decisions.

  • No extra sugar!
  • Change my mind set and do the physical things I need to do to reduce my stress and regain my sanity!

Cutting that sugar out made a huge difference in just a couple days. I find just concentrating on not eating extra sugar has caused me to cut a lot of empty carbs out as well. Being that nutty has also scared me enough that I have been increasingly confident that I can stay away from extra sugar from now on.

Pampering myself now!

Pampering myself now!

Ok I know what you’re thinking. What does she mean by extra sugar? I am not going to spend a pile of time checking how much sugar is in my soup or sandwich or casserole. I do eat fruit every day usually grapes or an apple. I do not eat traditional desserts, candy, pastries, hot chocolate or anything else I associate with the idea of junk food. I will confess I had an apple fritter on Sunday because I made the big mistake of going to the grocery store hungry. Yep, it made me sick and hot for much of the day!
So that is what I have been doing with my fall. I pulled out my super powers and gave sugar a body slam and then a pile driver (I had to look that up. I don’t know my wresting terms). What have you been doing?


Wrestling Sugar — 12 Comments

    • Hi Joyce!

      I have been considering putting up a rogues gallery of junk food company CEOs on my bulletin board. I just have to make sure the CEO of Neilson doesn’t turn out to look like a Boy Scout!

      • I think that putting together a villains gallery in terms of addicting foods and the CEOs who are getting rich on all of us would be a public service. Display it and bring it to the Y. We have got to get onto them.

        • Ok, I am all for putting together a villain gallery of all the addicting foods, but to start blaming the CEOs, that is pathetic and irresponsible and so “it’s all the rich capitalists fault” BS approach to life, sugar is legal, you can buy it anywhere, anyone and everyone can buy it, you don’t have to be over 18 to purchase it, sugar is not hidden in cabinets behind doors so no one can access it, there are no ugly picitures of people with diseases on products that have tons of sugar, North America has these holidays where everyone willingly and wantingly buys sugar, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, no one is forcing us to eat the stuff, why can’t people be responsible for their own actions and blame themselves and take action by stopping the madness, so please stop with blaming and vilifying the CEOs, everyone has allowed this to happen, anytime you buy a box of cookies , give someone sweets as a gift, you are helping the sugar industry, change starts with self.

    • Marcia,

      I have kicked chocolate before but this time I am after all extra sugar and I have never felt such a difference in how well I feel as this. I start to wonder if other changes could really make even half as much improvement. I may just become a complete health nut drinking wheat grass and ‘shudder’ eating sweet potatoes! Blehhhh!

  1. Sugar is seriously EVIL! I haven’t had sugar in 13 years, well not that I am aware, but if it sneaks into foods when I am out at restaurants, I KNOW IT because my stomach kicks my ass (like right now). It sucks that sugar is pretty much added to EVERYTHING – so be careful and read those labels yo! 😉
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