Why You Hafta Go and Make Things So Complicated?

My Dream Bike in 1968

I came in at the end of a conversation when I heard this line.  Conversation dried up after that so it must have been juicy!  Anyway, it got me thinking and not about the Avril Lavigne song!

When you were a child life was simple.  You asked John if he wanted to play if he said no you went and asked Barbara or Bill until you had somebody to play with.  John was forgotten from your mind the second you walked away.  Unless of course John had a cool new bike and what you really wanted was to ride his bike.  That’s another story that ended in a bloody lip.  Which was really cool too as I recall!

As adults we come to many conversations with fears and expectations and half formed plans.  We measure and analyse what was said and what wasn’t said.  We measure body language and facial expressions.  We have hair triggers on certain topics.  We want to always be right and the better person.  Where is the joy in learning a new way to think about something?  How do you see another person’s point of view if you can never accept that your point of view could have any flaws?  Anyway this could go on forever spiralling out of control with question after question.  Who wants to waste that much time and energy?  Why not accept a conversation at face value?  Try your best to say what you mean and stop over thinking!!  Ok, Maybe I am talking to myself there at the end.  I do it too!

That was one cool blue bike!  Can’t remember what that kids name was though!

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