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Today I have my first guest post.  I harassed my personal trainer and confessor Javier into writing an article for me.  Yeah!!  I admit I am a challenge, between being afraid of some exercises and physically limited plus generally mouthy, the man rises above and gets the results.  I thinks its mind altering drugs myself that keeps him going!  Thanks Javier!!

I have been working in the Fitness Industry since 1988 and I have witnessed a radical change in both the focus and technique in how we approach physical training today. 25 years ago, goals were merely measured on the amount of weight lifted and the inches of muscle attained. It was all about how to build the best body. Perhaps the biggest transition we see today is that most people would exercise to achieve a healthier life: either for medical reasons or personal interests as the primary goals.

In my early days as a Personal Trainer, I had the opportunity to work with professional and amateur bodybuilders. The knowledge and experience I gained, gave me the satisfaction to see friends, clients and colleagues strive for and reach their potential. Today, the industry has shifted towards pursuing an overall fitness. I have learned that to some people, goal setting and goal measuring can be as powerful; with the ability to just stand straight up or to keep balanced or simply to be limber, without aches and pains. Needless to say there are many with the objective to lose body weight or to change the body composition.

I feel extremely privileged having the opportunity to work with a vast range of individuals, from teenagers to adults and seniors in their 70’s, each with different needs and desires . Among them is Cindy and her willingness to improve her life and become a healthier person. Although, at times it’s not easy for her, she is a true warrior and fights hard to defeat every obstacle she encounters.

My personal experience working with Cindy has been rewarding. It has challenged me to create and maintain a sharp edged two tier training program. The intent is to keep her motivated while she exercises and help her focus on all the things she can do, rather than paying attention to what she may not be able to accomplish at the moment.

Exercise and proper eating can be the tip of the iceberg in reaching results. Several steps may be required to actually see positive changes. For some, you may need to embrace a significant change and approach to life: from a psychological to the emotional aspect. It’s a process of conquering fears and increasing self esteem. Depending on the individual, this process could be done in months, for some, it might take years to achieve. But no matter what we do or how we do it in the end, we need to focus on finding the ‘right balance’ so we can be happy and healthy; feel energized daily and to be comfortable with where we are with our life and lifestyle.



  1. I have had the opportunity and privilege of having Javier as a personal trainer. He taught me that form is important. I found him to be patient a perfectionist and professional. I spent two years with Javier training, it has served me well, my fitness and strength improved considerably also my posture. I appreciated the way he challenged me and customized my training program to meet my objectives.
    BTW Cindy, that photo showing someone to do a squat I am sure was not approved by Javier, Javier as I mentioned is a perfectionist and form is important, he would have told you that when doing squats your knees should be over toes and not go beyond them, that women in the photo is DOING IT WRONG! http://fatchicksfitness.com/youre-doing-it-all-wrong/

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